I Want Pink Balloons

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  • Published: 24 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 24 Apr 2013
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Aaron and Katerina has been together for over a year now. Meanwhile Aarons dad died of cancer, and his mom went down with a depression. In the beginning, Katerina was the supportive girlfriend like always, but now she's turned into a mean bitch, who's taking advantage of Aarons misery.


2. Those pink balloons

I don’t know why, but when I woke up, I just knew it was going to be a bad day. Something bad was going to happen. Someone was mad, someone was sad. Maybe I was sad? Nah, not really. And I didn’t feel mad either. Except from the anger I had towards myself, for being in love with a girl who did nothing but treat me horrible and see me as an object. But you know, besides that, no.
   I looked at my little alarm clock standing on my nightstand, right next to the bed. 07:16. It would be best if I got up, I thought, but it’s okay to lie down here for a few minutes more. So I just lay there, thinking what was going to happen that day. Thinking if it even was going to be a bad day. Or if it was me being scared.
   I didn’t get to lie there for very long, before my mom came running and tramping up the stairs and almost fell into my room, just to tell me to get up. I’d never seen her this active since my dad’s death, it was really fantastic.
   “Why are you so happy today?” I asked and smiled at her exhausted face. I waved at her to come and sit on my bed, because she obviously needed to sit down for a while.
   “I’ve been out running,” she excluded while falling down in my bed. I’d gone up to find some clothes to wear, so I wouldn’t be late for school.
   “Wow,” I said and looked surprised at her. “Why is that?”
   “I needed some air, and I honestly don’t know why, but I just had all this energy in my body, so I went out running. People were also looking very surprised when they saw me, and Dylan, who lives down the street? You know who he is, he yelled GO, GO, ELIZABETH. It was so great.” Yes, it was great. Very great. I was so happy to see my mom this happy and active and with this much energy. Maybe my bad feeling had actually been a good feeling, which was understood wrong. Maybe it was going to be a good day, after all.

At school, I told Joey about my mom’s great morning. He almost got as excited as I did. We talked about it on our way to class, and met Katerina on the way. I told her the story, and she actually got excited and happy for me. At least that’s what I thought. And what I hoped. But I heard her talking to her best friend – Mikayla, and yes, she’s also a rich bitch – about me and my family.
   “Seriously, Mikayla, he keeps talking about his poor and weird family and you know, I’m just like yeah, whatever, dude, why does he tell me this? You know, it’s so annoying,” Katerina had said.
   “Katerina, he just wants to share his life with you, because he loves you. Like you share stories about your family, right?” Mikayla said. And for the first time, Mikayla was actually smart. She thought right.
   “Yeah, I know, but my family stories are just worth listening to, Aaron’s isn’t.” That was the point where Joey took my attention away from her, and began talking football. Asking if I’d seen the game last night and stuff like that. He did that often – and it helped.
   The rest of the day at school was spent with Joey, and not a single moment with Katerina. I was trying to get distance from her. Get her away from me for a little while. Meanwhile I started thinking about us. Why did she even want to date me? I was a poor – compared to her – guy, with few friends and not much to give. Maybe that just showed she chose with her heart, and not her eyes.

   “Did you get me that candy for tonight?” Katerina asked me on the way home from school. She’d told me to get all these things for her – like she always did, I was her little service person – to her girl sleepover that night. And I hadn’t bought her those things. As stupid as I was, ‘cause I knew what was going to happen next. I was going to get yelled at, and commanded to the supermarket where she would pick everything she wanted, and I had to pay for it. That was her deal, when I didn’t do as she said. Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up all over her.
   Well, we went down there, of course, and she took everything she wanted (and I tell you, that wasn’t just a few things. It was close to being the whole store.) And as she’d told me to, I paid for all her damn things. I’d got my salary a few days before, and after I took the card through the credit card machine, I did not have lots of money left. I had to pay around 145 $. Yes, you read correctly. No, it wasn’t a typo.
   “What?” I almost shouted when he told me what I had to pay. I looked at Katerina with wide opened eyes and mouth, so wide opened that a bird could sit in there. I did not get her. I realized what an idiot she was.
   “Oh come on, sweetie, it’s just so I can have a little fun with my girls.. Please?” she said, putting her hand kindly on my cheek, looking me right in the eyes, and then she gave me one of her ‘I love you’ kisses. No surprise – I couldn’t stand for it. I just couldn’t. And that was sad. So sad. I’d just used almost all my money on her, and while walking out of the supermarket I realized how stupid I was. And I got mad. Really mad. Angry. She couldn’t just do that, because oh they were having a sleepover. She was a bitch, and I finally found out – for real. I thought these things by myself, when she suddenly screamed. She was acting so weird, and when I asked why she was acting like that, I did not get the answer I expected. Or, I didn’t really expect anything, but definitely not that.
   “Oh my God, Aaron, those balloons! Those pink balloons! Oh dear God, I love them! I’ve always wanted pink balloons, exactly like those! My mom wouldn’t give me some when I was a little girl, because I’d been bad or something.” I was in shock. That elegant and calm girl, who never overreacts, suddenly jumped up and down, yelled, screamed and almost cried in the middle of the street. It was amazing to see her get ridiculed.
   She turned to me, and got that serious look on her face, like when she wants something, really bad.
   “Aaron, buy me the balloons,” she commanded. I began laughing. I seriously couldn’t believe what I just heard. “Aaron, do it. I want those pink balloons. NOW!
   “You really think that? You really believe, that I would buy you those balloons, right after you emptied my credit card for your stupid girl sleepover? You actually think I’m that stupid? You think you can use me? You are so rich, WHY am I paying for all your stuff? If you’d paid it yourself, you’d still have several millions left. I don’t even have 400 $,” I yelled at her. She got scared. She actually got scared. I could see it in her eyes. I had her right where I wanted her. “I don’t want to be with a person who manipulates me, uses me, treats me like a waiter and who talks so bad about me behind my back. I don’t want to be with you, ‘cause you’re the biggest bitch, ever. You’re too much, and I hate you, Katerina. Stay away from me.”
   I started walking away, when I suddenly got a brilliant idea, that would hurt her even more. I turned around to her weird expressed face with tears down the cheeks, and smiled at her. I went to the little shop and sold the balloons, and asked for them. I saw her face getting brighter – she probably thought I was going to buy her the balloons. So I smiled at her and paid for them.
   “I’m sure my mom will be very happy for these,” I said, tore the bags of candy and whatever was in there, out of her hands, and walked away, happy, relieved and full of energy and excitement.

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