I Want Pink Balloons

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  • Published: 24 Apr 2013
  • Updated: 24 Apr 2013
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Aaron and Katerina has been together for over a year now. Meanwhile Aarons dad died of cancer, and his mom went down with a depression. In the beginning, Katerina was the supportive girlfriend like always, but now she's turned into a mean bitch, who's taking advantage of Aarons misery.


1. Do you love her?

I sat on my knees in front of my dad’s tombstone in the empty graveyard. The sun filled the whole place with light and warmth, making it a bit nicer. The birds were also singing. It was a great summer day.
   My eyes read the quote standing there; “Forever missed, forever loved”. The quote had been my idea. I’d always loved that quote, without really knowing why.
   I put the flowers – dad’s favorite, as usual – which I had bought from the local flower store, right under the tombstone. For a few minutes, I just sat there. Crying. Grieving.
   “I love you, dad, and.. Happy birthday” I whispered with tears rolling down over both cheeks. “I miss you so much… and so does mom. It’s still hard for her to move on, and to live. She can’t really do that without you. Especially today. But I told her, that you’re here with us all the time, and somehow it seems to help her a little.”
   I took a deep breath, leaned over and kissed the tombstone, where dad’s name stood. I always did that. It was my hug to him.
   When an older lady went by, she stopped for a second and said to me: “I’m sorry, dear. I hope it’ll get better.” I tried smiling, but it only made me cry even more, so I just nodded and looked at the grass.
   Everything was totally quiet and relaxed, until my phone suddenly rang. I got a small shock and my body made that little jump you do, when you get frightened. I hurried to get it up from my backpack lying next to me. When I saw who called, I sighed. It was my commanding girlfriend, Katerina. It took me a few seconds to put myself together, wipe the tears of my cheeks and decide to either take it or not. I did decide to take it – like the fantastic boyfriend I was.
   “Oh my God, baby, where are you? We’re going to eat dinner at my house, remember? We were supposed to be here at 4 pm, and it’s half past 4 now. Where are you?” she shouted into the phone and into my ear. I had to move the phone away from my ear, ‘cause I didn’t want to go deaf.
   “I’m at the graveyard,” I said hesitant. On no time, my eyes were filled with water again. It was a hard day – my dad’s first birthday, after his death.
   “Aaron, sweetie, you’re there every day… Seriously, you need to move on, you can’t keep living like that.”
   “Uhm, it’s his birthday today, Kat.” I sniffled and began crying again. There were quite for a little while, but then I heard her laugh and talk to someone else.
   “Sorry, it was just Penelope,” – Penelope was her not ‘rich bitch’-type of sister. She was a sweet girl. “But, are you coming or not? I guess you’ve already put the flowers there?”
   I sighed again, and hoped she was able to hear it. Unfortunately she had the ability to ignore everything she didn’t want to hear, so she probably didn’t. “Yes, I’ll be there in 5.”
   I packed up my things, and started walking towards Katerina’s big house. It was almost a castle – and yes, it was really that big. Her parents were also stinking rich. They were the owners of the company “Liz ‘nd Gerald”, who was selling expensive and designer furniture. And of course, they had to have a great big house, where they and their two little princesses could relax – and get spoiled of course. But as amazing as it sounds, her parents were nice people, and they weren’t those snobbish rich people, where you had to be nice dressed if you’re going into their house, and oh, if you’re dirty, you have to go wash yourself. I did know one person who was that – their little princess number 1, Katerina. She was a beauty queen and a drama queen.
   “Oh Aaron, finally! I’ve missed you so much,” she said when I walked up the path, following up to the house. She ran against me and gave me a big hug. She looked me in the eyes, smiling and happy. I couldn’t help but smile. She was so beautiful. Her long brown hair which was put up on the back of her head with elastic was so shiny and beautiful. The sun reflected in her eyes, her blue and green and wonderful eyes. And then her lips. They were red – from the lipstick of course – and filthy. She stared at my lips, as a sign that she wanted me to kiss her. So I did. I’d missed that. It’d been about a week since I saw her last, and I now knew that I’d actually missed her. Even though I tried to tell me I didn’t. I wasn’t able to not miss her, when she wasn’t by my side. That’s just it.

   “So, did you eat all the food?” I asked, and she laughed and gave me a little punch.
   “No, you silly,” she laughed.

Next day at school, my best friend, Joey, came over in our first break. We talked about a lot of things. I’d missed him too. I was on a vacation/hotel stay last week with my mom, so I hadn’t really seen anyone in that time.
   “Have you missed Katerina?” he suddenly asked, out of nowhere. I knew he was going to ask about her, ‘cause he knew what she did to me, and how she manipulated me. Plus, he knew how bad it was affecting me and how much I should actually get away from her. I just couldn’t see that, when I was with her. And you know, I had to be with her, to break up with her. I took a deep breath and nodded.
   “You know, I’ve told myself all week, that she’s not worth it, and I’m not missing her, but when I saw her again, and I kissed her and I looked into her eyes, I just.. yeah,” I said and sighed. I didn’t know what to do. And I couldn’t really send Joey to break up with her. Or, could I? Nah, that’d be too weird.
   “Wow, man. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this split. He put his hand on my shoulder, and gave me a little push. “I just gotta ask you about this.. and I don’t expect you to answer right away or anything, or even answer.. I just want you to think about it, okay?” he said and looked kinda weird. He was very serious, but Joey always was, when we were talking about Katerina. I nodded.
   “Sure, Joe, what is it?” I asked.
   “Do you love her? Like, really?” he asked and it hit me. Like a slap right in the face. I’d never thought about that. I felt my face making a weird expression, so I looked out the window, and then I saw her. She was out there with her two best friends, sitting on the bench watching, all the boys and the girls around them. She was so beautiful. Her face lighted up, and it was the only thing I saw. Then I tried to think bad about her. She was a bad person, she used me, manipulated me, commanded me. She was a bitch. A beautiful bitch. With a great personality.
   I stopped thinking, ‘cause my head couldn’t deal with that. One part of me saying she was amazing, the other part saying she was a bitch. “I honestly, honestly can’t tell you,” I said and shook my head. It was all wrong. But still right. “I can’t tell you, ‘cause I don’t know.”

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