Before The Storm

Cooper-Rose Curtis is twelve years old in 1960's Tulsa Oklahoma. Her parents died a few years ago, so she lives with her older brothers as a Greaser. Cooper gets into rumbles, and has her own little war with the socs (pronounced 'so-shes').
(inspired by the book The Outsiders. Read the book before you read this)


2. Chapter Two

          “Good, y’all’re up.” Darry walks into the living room. The four of us (Pony, Johnny, Soda, and I), are watchin’ TV. Darrel, whom we call Darry, is my oldest brother. He’s twenty, and works roofin’ houses. He’s muscular, and strong, and his dark hair kinda, I cant describe it, but Pony always says that it “kicks out in the front, and a slight cowlick in the back.” the only thing Darry doesn’t have of dad’s are his eyes. They’re an icy blue color, with a determined look to them.

“There’s breakfast on the stove.” Pony says.

“HEY!!” Two-Bit hollers, walking through the door. Two Bit’s real name was Keith Mathews, but we could hardly remember he had a real name. He didn’t remember. He was the oldest of our gang, six feet tall, with gray eyes and a wide smile. He was always cracking jokes, his house could be on fire and he’d just be grinnin’. I really liked him, he was one of my favorites in the gang. He was well-known for shoplifting, which was how he got his black-handled switchblade. I grinned. I really liked Two-Bit, He was fun, and great to have a laugh with. Usually you just have to be careful, because when he got drunk, he also got dirty.

“Hey. Two-bit.” Ponyboy said, grinning like me. Two-Bit grabbed a chunk of chocolate cake from the table, and leaned against the doorframe. My brothers and love chocolate cake for breakfast. I prefer vanilla, but they seem to believe they outrank me in plenty of things, so I settle fro chocolate. Mom never allowed us to eat it for breakfast, but Darry could easily be talked into letting us. Soda always makes sure there’s one in the icebox before we go to bed, and if there isn’t, he lets me help him make one.  Pony likes Darry’s cakes, because Soda always puts too much sugar in the icing, but I like it just fine. Darry tucked his shirt in,

“Soda, we gotta leave soon.” He said. My brother shrugged.

“Steve’ll be here in a bit. We’re walking together.”

“Maybe two bits.” I mumbled. Two-Bit smacked me on the back. I enjoy making fun of Two-Bit’s name. He’s called that, cause he’s always gotta get his two bits in. That’s what everyone says. I don’t know what it means, but all the guys say it, so I guess it’s true. He pretends to be mad, but he uses it as an excuse to tease me sometimes too. It’s a game we have. Sorta.

“Hey, you two,” Darry warned, with a slight smile. I decided to see just how much I could get away with today.

“You mean, ‘Hey, you two bit’.” I grinned. This time, Two-Bit shoved me into the living room. I considered shovin’ the cake out of his hand, but that would mean I would have to clean it up. I turned around, and stood in front of the TV.

“Hey! I was watchin’ that!” he hollered. Everyone knows just how much Two-Bit Mathews loves Mickey Mouse. I used to watch it with him, but now I think it’s just ridiculous.

“You watch too much stupid stuff.” I said. Two-Bit grinned. Uh Oh. Story Time.

“I remember,” he began, “when you used to sit on the couch with us and watch Mickey too. Once, you even caught a mouse, and started crying ‘cause it wouldn’t talk and sing and dance for you.” Yeah, I did do that once. When I was FOUR.  Steve was the one who said that Mice couldn’t really do all that stuff, and I admit, I was devastated.

“- and then you-”

“Did this.” I cut off Two-Bit, swiping his cake. I ran out onto the front porch. Steve was walking toward the house,

“Steve!” I yelled, “Catch!” Throwing the cake at him. He amazingly caught it, and ran behind the car, just as Two-Bit came storming outside.

“I saw that!” he yelled at Steve, runnin’ towards the car. Steve jumped up and ran round the side of the house, Two-Bit at his heels. I walk back into the house. A  few seconds later, Steve comes in. He sits on the couch, and takes a huge bite of the cake. By the time Two-Bit storms in, the cake is gone, eaten by Steve, and who leaves for work with Soda. Two-Bit plops down on the couch and sulks, until Ponyboy makes him get up so we can get to school

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