One direction imagines!!

Heyy!!! its me emilyyyyy this is my first one direction imagines so plzzz comment sorry if i dont update every day coz im busy some times


2. For Thania_19

Hope you like!

 Ethan POV

"Boys!! stop fighting!get of her chest geez"shouts zayn "thanks zayn but i will sort this out" you heres whats happening you are being fought over by niall and harry and you are fed up of it


Hours earlier

race you back to my house! you shout to your best friend michelle "cant be bothered" "pweeeeezzz pretty pwease with a cherry on top?"you wine "FINE!" she replys "on 3, 3!" you say and you start running leaving michelle behind from confusion you get home and you swing open the door to niall and harry infront of you. 0: "do you like me or niall?"harry asks with a seriouse face "uhhhh umm uhhh"...


back to start

niall and harry start literally fighting so you scream and kick them both in the balls."stop it stop it! i will tell who i like tommorrow until  then shut the fuck up!"you scream and run to your room



right today is the day you tell them i know who i like its just i dont want to hurt the other one i only thought of him like  a brother the other i run downstairs to see them stood there "well?"niall asks "I like........................"


And thats the end!! hope you liked! i didnt know who to choose so i left it like that once again this is my first so no hating!!

love ya

Emily xoxo

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