One direction imagines!!

Heyy!!! its me emilyyyyy this is my first one direction imagines so plzzz comment sorry if i dont update every day coz im busy some times


7. For nialler'sgonnabemine

Hope you like charlea!



Charlea's POV


so i have been going out with niall for almost a year now and harry is starting to annoy me a couple of days ago he told me he likes me and i dont know what to do so help me!


next day


i was woken up my screaming and yelling "why wont you except shes mine you ideot!"i heard niall yell "because i love her !"harry yelled "why do you always want the girls i want you git?"he yelled. thats when i had it i ran down stairs grabbed my phone,bad and keys and got in my cars and went to my friends house, away from them...





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