One direction imagines!!

Heyy!!! its me emilyyyyy this is my first one direction imagines so plzzz comment sorry if i dont update every day coz im busy some times


3. For KirstenHoran

Hope you like kirsten!


Kirsten's POV


I knock on harrys door and he dosnt answer so i get out his spare key and run upstairs into his room "Hey Ha-"i start to yell then realise he is sleeping.OOPS! ah well stuff that i have an idea "awww is wittle harry sweeping?"i whisper."WAKEY WAKEY SUNSHINE!" i scream jumping on his bed!He slowly wakes up then pulls my leg and i fall on him oh.I lie next to him and poke his cheeck "sleepy bastard"i joke "you know you love it" He says sleepily.OH yea! lets recap harry styles is ma bff yes the styles is ma bff,but the thing is i love him not as a bff but like love love him but he dosnt like me back :(


Harry's POV

she jumped on my bed and woke me up!But i cant stay mad at her, shes my baby wait i shouldnt call her that since she isnt mine,YET. I love her but i dont know how she feels about me even though she is my bff i have become to like her how would i tell her? i need help!! (Lol that sounded like a little kids show) She kissed me on the cheeck taking me out of my thoughts "watcha dreaming about styles?" she whispers in my ear while she gets up i but a strand of her beautiful hair behind her ear. i chuckle at her beaty, and she walks out "Wait!" i shout to her "will you be my princess?"...............




hope you liked!! not sure what else to put so yea! 

see ya!


Love ya,


Emily xoxo

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