One direction imagines!!

Heyy!!! its me emilyyyyy this is my first one direction imagines so plzzz comment sorry if i dont update every day coz im busy some times


5. For JadeBear

Hope you like it jade!


Jades POV


"mum!im going to the shops!"i yell to my mum "ok hun be back my 6 for tea!"she replied "see ya ma mother!"i say as i go through the door and into my car.


Skip car ride


so i arrive at the shops and walk around looking at twitter i bump into somone and look up to see beautiful see ocean blue eyes "oh um im so sorry!"i whisper as i run away in embarassement. "WAIT!"he yells and grabs my arm to turn me around "dont go,its my fault"he says in his thick irish accent. i havnt heard one of those since i dont talk much and dont go out much..


Nialls POV

shes beautiful. i dont know if this is possible but i think im falling for her falling hard.....



Sorry this was rubbish im running out of ideas i need a co author!

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