The blood of night

This story is about a girl named Saige. She lived in California and moved to New York(her father lives in New York her parents got a divorce). She is moving because her mom got transferred to Australia and Saige did not want to go. She is in high-school(a freshman) called Star High.

On the first day of school she hears about this strange boy, he is in all her classes and he barely speaks. He always hangs out with a group of the same people.
Sometimes he isn't at school at all.
What happens next read the story and find out.


9. The Trackers

When I woke up I brushed my teeth then took a shower. Went to my room and put my clothes and shoes on. I combed and brushed my hair and put it in a ponytail.

I went downstairs and my dad was in the kitchen drinking coffee. I had a muffin and a glass of milk.

I said,


to me dad and he said,

"Bye, have a good day at school"

When I went outside Daniel was there. I smiled at him.

When both me and Daniel were in the car Daniel started driving.

Daniel asked me,

"Do you want to come over today"

"I would love to, but, I heard that there would be lightning"

"Yeah. Just so you know, I know there would be lightning today. My family and I play baseball."

"You and your family play baseball in the lightning?"
"Yeah. So do you want to come and play?"

I was thinking then I said,

"Will I get a lightning shock?"

"Not if you want to"

I smiled and said,

"Fine, but you better protect me from the lightning"

"Saige, I will always protect you no matter what"

I smiled at him.

When the car stopped, we were at school Daniel came out and walked to the other side to open my door. When I came out everyone was staring.

I went to talk to my friends.

Peter said,

"I don't like how Daniel looks at you like a piece of meat"

I just ignored that.

Kahlan started going on about how Daniel likes me more than her and Daniel this and Daniel that.

When she finished blabbing on and on about Daniel I said,

"Is that all"

"Yes. What I have on more thing"


"I have had a crush on Daniel for a while now and you like just met him and you two are boyfriend and girlfriend. So unfair"

When Kahlan finished, Jessica said,

"Kahlan if Daniel likes Saige than he likes her it's no big deal"

Kahlan said,

"It's no big deal to you because you have a boyfriend"

I was looking at Daniel.

Kahlan said,


I said,


Jennifer said,

"We need to go inside school is going to start in about 5 minutes"


We all went in and went to our lockers to get our books. When I closed my locker, Daniel was there.

He said,

"Nikki is coming"

Nikki was next to Daniel.

Nikki said,

"Hey, are you OK with what Arabella did?"


"OK, good"

Arabella passed by and said,

"Hi Saige"

The bell rang and I said,

"I gotta go. See you later"

Then I went to my classes.

It was lunchtime.

When I got my lunch I sat with Kahlan,Jennifer,Jack,Jessica,and Peter.

Daniel sat with me and my friends.

Kahlan was smiling so much.

I introduced Daniel to everyone.

Daniel said,

"Are we still on today?"

I replied,


Kahlan being very noisy said,

"What are you guys doing?"

Jennifer said,

"Kahlan that is non of your business"

Kahlan said,

"I'm just asking"

Daniel said,

"Saige, my family, and I are going to play baseball at a batting cage"


When lunch was finished Daniel said,

"You know Kahlan's thoughts are not that quiet"

"What was she thinking about?"

"She was thinking of me and her well,uh in bed"

I was not surprised. I said,

"Well, I'm not surprised, but I don't like the fact that she was thinking about it."

"Kahlan has a very big crush on me. She should know that I have a big crush on you"

"Everyone knows that you have a big crush on me. If you didn't we wouldn't be together. I bet your crush on me is as big as my crush on you"

Both me and Daniel smiled at each other.

Daniel looked annoyed. He said,

"Kahlan is coming"

"Daniel are you OK?"

"Not really. Kahlan's thoughts make me want to kill her"

"OK, let's go somewhere where you can't read her thoughts"

Daniel's eyes turned a different color every time he blinked.

Nikki came and asked,

"Is Daniel OK?"

"I don't know"
"I saw a vision of him killing someone and everyone was watching. I will get the others and take him home"


I turned around to go to Kahlan so we can walk away from Daniel so he won't read her thought's.

When school finished I saw Caleb, Edward, and Arabella.

Caleb shouted,

I went over to them.

Edward said,

"Do you want to see Daniel?"


"OK, go in the car we will drive you. And don't worry Arabella will sit in the front"
I went in the car. Caleb sat next to me.Edward was driving the car.

I asked,

"Is Daniel OK?"
Arabella said,

"Yes. Sometimes when he reads intense thoughts, he wants to kill someone."

"Why did is eyes change color when he blinked?"
"Oh it is just a vampire thing. When vampires want to drink human blood, their eyes change color when they blink."

After a few minutes, we were at the house. Arabella,Edward,and Caleb vampire ran (by vampire ran I mean run fast like a vampire) to the house Caleb lifted me up then vampire ran.

When we were inside Caleb put me down.

I went to the living room, and I saw Daniel on the couch.

I walked toward him and I hugged him and I said,

"I am so happy that you are OK"

"Thanks. Are we still on today?"


Selina said,

"Daniel wants to still play the baseball game. Do you think he should?"

"Well, he really wants to"

"So I guess he invited you"


"OK. Everyone go in the cars."

Daniel got up, lifted me up and vampire ran to the car with the others. Daniel put me down and I went in the car. So did the others.

Selina was driving the car that me and Daniel were in Caleb,Clara, and Arabella were there too.

Selina said,

"The lightning is coming"

When the cars stopped, we were somewhere.

I saw everyone playing baseball. There was a lot of lightning. Caleb hit the ball a little to hard. The ball broke. They had a lot of extra baseballs.

Daniel made me play a game.

I said,

"When I play baseball, the ball tends to get lost"

Daniel said,

"Saige this is vampire baseball you will probably lose"

"Oh that is confronting"

I throw the ball very hard. Nikki was at the bat. She vampire ran. When she came back she didn't have the ball.

Daniel said,

"Someone is coming"

Adrian said,



"Get Saige out of here."

Nikki said,

"It's to late they are here"

Daniel said to me,

"Saige put your hair down"

"Just do it"

It put my hair down.

Clara said,

"That won't work I can still smell her blood."

Three vampires came. Daniel went in front of me.

They introduced themselves.

One of them said,

"This is Jade,James, and I am Zachariah.

Zachariah had a baseball. He through it to Adrian.

Jade had red curly hair.

There was gust of wind. James smelled my blood.

James said,

"You brought a snack"

Adrian said,

"She is not a snack, she was just leaving"

Daniel, Arabella, and Edward took me to the car.

Daniel said,

"Saige you need to go somewhere else. James already knows how your blood smells like. He will track you here"

I said,

"Um, what am I supposed to do?"
"You need to pack up your clothes"

"I can't leave my dad"

"It's just for a while"

"Fine, but he will ask why I am leaving. It has to seem like I am breaking up with you."

"Alright, I will come in through the window."


When I went home I made it seem like me and Daniel are breaking up.

I said,

"Uh, Daniel I hate you I never want to see you again."


"Leave me alone"

My dad heard it.

He said,

"Daniel, I think you should leave"


Daniel left. I went upstairs to my room.

My dad said,

"Saige what happened?"

"We had a fight."

I started putting my clothes and shoes in a bag.

My dad asked,

"Why are you packing your clothes?"
"Dad, I will tell you downstairs."
I closed the door.

Daniel was at the window. I told him to come in.

He said,

"Come to the house"

I left my room and my dad was downstairs. When I was downstairs, my dad asked,

"Why are you leaving?"
"I am leaving because I won't be able to see Daniel everyday. I'll just be gone for a few days"


Daniel was behind my house.

He took me to his house.

Selina and Clara put some of my clothes on so James could smell my scent.

Nikki,Ezra, and Daniel came with me to somewhere, I don't know.

We went in the car. Daniel was driving.

As he was driving I heard a thud.

Daniel said,

"It's just Caleb. He is watching out."

The car stopped to some kind of hotel in California.

Daniel said,

"Ezra and Nikki will go with you"


I went in the hotel with Nikki and Ezra. We went into our room. Nikki had a vision.

Ezra put a pencil in her hand and paper under it. Nikki was drawing her vision.

Her vision ended.

Nikki said,

"The tracker changed his course.This is where the tracker will be."

I said,

"The tracker will be at my old ballet studio?"

Ezra said,

"Ballet studio?"

"Yeah,I took some lessons there when I was 5."

Nikki said,

"Me and Ezra will go downstairs to look out for James"
I said,

"Can't James come in through the window.

Nikki said,

"No.He can 't come in unless you invite him in."


Nikki and Ezra went downstairs. When they left I got a phone call. It was my mom she said,

"Saige I came back to California. Are you OK? Your father told me that you left."

"Mom I'm OK."

Then James started talking,

"Hi Saige."

I said,
"Leave her alone"

"I will. You know where to meet me. Oh and don't bring anyone with you"

I went downstairs Nikki and Ezra were checking in for the room. I went out the back door.

I took a bus to the ballet studio.






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