The blood of night

This story is about a girl named Saige. She lived in California and moved to New York(her father lives in New York her parents got a divorce). She is moving because her mom got transferred to Australia and Saige did not want to go. She is in high-school(a freshman) called Star High.

On the first day of school she hears about this strange boy, he is in all her classes and he barely speaks. He always hangs out with a group of the same people.
Sometimes he isn't at school at all.
What happens next read the story and find out.


7. The secret

OK, I hope I don't have to tell you what I normally do when I wake up to go to school. OK, good.

Now I had a glass of milk and toast for breakfast.

I went to school in my car, parked it in the school parking lot. OK. Prom is coming up.

When school finished, me,Kahlan,Jessica, and Jennifer went to shop for shoes and clothes for prom.

Kahlan got a long purple dress. I think I shows a little to much of the top area if you know what I mean.

Jessica got also got a long dress. It was silky and blue.

Jennifer's dress was long ,sleeveless, and emerald green.

My dress was up to my knees,had ruffles, and was lavender.

We all got high heeled shoes. Kahlan got the highest one out of all of us.

when we finished we payed for them and I went to a bookstore I found online that was close by.

The book cost $5.

When I left, I was on my way to a restaurant to meet Kahlan,Jessica, and Jennifer there. On my way, there were some dangerous people so I turned around and went the other way. When I turned around, I saw some people who looked like they were about to rape me.

One of them touche me.

Out of no where, Daniel come up driving like a maniac, coming out of his car telling me to go in. So I went in. Daniel stared at them and they backed off like they were scared of him.

Daniel started driving and told me to talk so I can get them off his mind so he won't go back there and kill them.

So I said,

"Uh, you really should put your seat belt on."

"Me, you should put your seat belt on. Huh"

I was going to put some music on. I accidentally touched his hand and it was cold as if it were frozen.

Daniel was driving really fast.

When he finished driving, we went to the restaurant where I was supposed to meet Kahlan, Jennifer, and Jessica.

When I was in front of the restaurant, they were coming out.

Kahlan said,

"Where were you! We were waiting for you. We couldn't wait anymore so we ordered. Where were you."

Daniel said,

"Oh,sorry I held up Saige. I think I should give Saige something to eat, is that OK."

Kahlan answered,


They left. Me and Daniel went inside. I ordered and Daniel ordered too.

I asked,

"So, how did you know where I was? Are you stalking me?

"In a way you can say I am stalking you. But you have no idea what those men were thinking"

"What so you read minds?"

"Sort of"


"I can tell you what everyone here is thinking"


Daniel said,

"OK,let's see.Sex, sex, money, sex, food, sex, money ,money, money, sex, cats, and you nothing. It makes me so angry"

"OK. Huh,is there something wrong with me"?



"Huh,I say I can read minds but I can't read yours and now you think something is wrong with you."

I smiled. Then he said,

"Look, when I said I can't be your friend, that doesn't mean I don't want to be your friend"

I smiled.

When we finished eating, Daniel dropped me home.

I went upstairs to my room and read the book I got from that bookstore.

It talks about the enemy of wolves. They called them the cold ones. When I read that I looked up "the cold ones" on my laptop.

I read some info that said that in modern day society they call them vampires. It said that their body are cold, eyes always change color, and they don't come out in the sun, and etc.

OK. I think I know who Daniel is.


Well, you know what happens before me and my dad go to sleep.


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