The blood of night

This story is about a girl named Saige. She lived in California and moved to New York(her father lives in New York her parents got a divorce). She is moving because her mom got transferred to Australia and Saige did not want to go. She is in high-school(a freshman) called Star High.

On the first day of school she hears about this strange boy, he is in all her classes and he barely speaks. He always hangs out with a group of the same people.
Sometimes he isn't at school at all.
What happens next read the story and find out.


6. The accident

When I woke up I brushed my teeth,washed my face, and put my clothes and shoes on.  Had cereal for breakfast and a glass of orange juice. I was unaware of what was going to happen to me when I went to school.

I drove to school in my new car. I saw Daniel with Arabella,Nikki,Clara,Caleb,Ezra,and Edward and the other side of the parking lot.

Someone from school was driving their car and couldn't stop it almost hit me when Daniel stopped it. He pushed the car away with his bare hand.  He then left like nothing happened. I wondered how did he come by me so quickly?

Well, of course I went to the hospital. So did the person driving the car that almost hit me.

My dad came.

in a worried voice, he said,

"Saige are you OK"

The person who almost hit me said,

"Saige, I am so sorry"

I was about to say don't worry about it, but my dad said,

"I will get your driving license taken away from you"

(Just if your wondering how my dad can do that, well he is a police officer)

"Saige,I am soooo sorry"

My dad closed the curtain.

So, you could only guess who my doctor was, Daniel's foster father, Adrian.

He basically said that there was no damage so I can leave and go home and live out my normal life.

He left and my dad and I talked. When we finished I went outside. I saw Daniel talking to Adrian. They saw me so I asked if I could talk to Daniel.

I asked,

"So, how did you come over to me so quickly,you were all the way on the other side of the parking lot of me?"

"What are you talking about, I was next to you."

"No you weren't. You were across from me in the parking lot"

"No I wasn't. I was right next to you don't be paranoid."

"OK. Than how did you stop the car with your bare hand?"

"You are just paranoid"

"No I am not"

Daniel breathed heavily and said,

"OK. Saige,look I can't be your friend."

Daniel then just walked away.

My dad went to sign papers and pay the hospital bill.

When we left I had to get the dent in my car fixed.

My dad keeps on asking me how did that happen and I keep saying I don't know.

So I took my car when it was fixed. We went home.

My dad talked to me about taking care of my car and all that other stuff.

When he finished talking, which was for a very long time, I had some mac and cheese. It was just  leftover. Then I did my homework and then watched t.v. when I finished.

I started calling Kahlan,Jessica, and Jennifer on a four way call.

When I finished I basically do what I always do before I go to sleep. You know brush my teeth,take a shower, and etc. OK, I put my pj's on and went to sleep.

My dad said,


and I said it back.

He went to sleep.




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