The blood of night

This story is about a girl named Saige. She lived in California and moved to New York(her father lives in New York her parents got a divorce). She is moving because her mom got transferred to Australia and Saige did not want to go. She is in high-school(a freshman) called Star High.

On the first day of school she hears about this strange boy, he is in all her classes and he barely speaks. He always hangs out with a group of the same people.
Sometimes he isn't at school at all.
What happens next read the story and find out.


3. New York

After a few hours of driving to New York they finally arrived.

Annie started driving to Richard,my dad's house.

When we were there, he was waiting by the door.

He went down the stairs and helped me with my bags.

I took the rest of my McDonald's that was in the car.

Annie said,

"Good luck"

I smiled and said,


to my mom.

Annie said


Back to me and said it to my dad.

Annie drived away.

I went up the stairs with Richard.

When I was in the house I put my bags down on the floor.

"This house is amazing. It is bigger than the one me and mom have back in California."

Saige said.

Richard took me upstairs to show me the room I was staying in.

After that we went back downstairs to get the  bags.

We then went back upstairs tomy room.

Richard left the room.

I put her clothes in draws and my closet.

Saige said,

"Wow, this is an walk in closet. It is so big. Huh."

After I put her clothes in drawers and the closet I went to find my dad so I could ask him where the bathroom is.

When I found him I asked him the question

"Where is the bathroom ?"

He guided me to where the bathroom was.

I went back to my room to get my bag that had my makeup, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, and etc in it.

After that I took a shower.

When I finished I went to my room dried off and put my clothes and shoes on.

I put my hair in a ponytail.

I went downstairs where Richard was watching TV.

Saige asked him

"Can we go outside I wanna see New York."

Richard said

"You wanna go outside you just came?"

Saige replied


Richard said


Both of us went outside.

First we went outside so I can get a key. I Choose my own key chain.

After that, we went to the park. I was on the swing.

Then, we went to the high school I was going to,Star High.

School hasn't started yet. It will start in 1 week.

Next, we went to Staples. We got pens, pencils, notebooks, highlighters, markers colored pencils, a stapler, staples, a book bag, a pencil case, and etc.

After we paid for all of that we left and went to to clothes and shoe store.

At the clothes and shoe store I got a lot of things.

When we finished me and my father went back home.

I tried on my clothes and shoes.

When I finished I put my school supplies in my new bag.

It was night and Richard said goodnight to me and I said it back to him.

He went to his room and we both went to sleep.









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