The blood of night

This story is about a girl named Saige. She lived in California and moved to New York(her father lives in New York her parents got a divorce). She is moving because her mom got transferred to Australia and Saige did not want to go. She is in high-school(a freshman) called Star High.

On the first day of school she hears about this strange boy, he is in all her classes and he barely speaks. He always hangs out with a group of the same people.
Sometimes he isn't at school at all.
What happens next read the story and find out.


11. It's just the being of an end

I open my eyes. I am in an hospital bed.

I hear my mom

"Saige. Saige are you OK"


"Hey.Are you OK?"
"Where.Um,where is Daniel?"

"He is sleeping. He never leaves. Your dad is at the cafeteria."

I said,

"What happened?"

My mom said,

"You fell and broke your leg. You lost a lot of blood. You don't remember?"


"Well, Daniel came to you with his dad to try and convince you to go back with your dad. You went over to their hotel and you fell down some flights of stairs and went through a window."

I looked at Daniel.

Then I said,

"Huh. Wow must have taken some fall since I don't remember. Everything I like a blur to me."

"Oh honey"

My mom was on her phone she said,

"It's a guy that I met in Australia. And he is not Australian. I told him about you. He wanted to know if you were OK."

My mom said,

"Saige, I am going to Florida. I think you will like it there. It is like California, well it is hot like California."

"What, mom I wanna stay in New York."


"I wanna stay in New York."


"Mom,can you get dad. I really want to talk to him and say sorry for running off like that."


Daniel got up.

I said,

"Daniel,what happened?Where is James?"

"Saige don't worry. We took care of it. And Jade and Zachariah, they ran off, but I promise we will get them.'

Daniel came to me.

I said,


He said,

"For what?"

"Daniel, I am alive because of you"

"Huh,no your not. You are in here because of me. I almost didn't stop."

"But you did"

Daniel said,

"Saige,I think you should go to Florida with your mom. You will get to know that guy."

"What! Huh. NO! NO!. Wha,Why,I am not leaving!"

"Saige. I want to protect you."

"Protect me. Huh, Daniel I don't want to leave. I don't want to be apart from you!"

"Saige,I'm here"

"OK.Just,just don't say things like that to me. Like ever."


Daniel kissed me on my forehead.



OK I came back from the hospital and I'm in a cast.

It's the day of the prom and Daniel is my date. He is sitting down at the table in my home with my dad.

I was wearing the dress that I brought. I was wearing sneakers.

I said,

"Huh, the cast is"
Daniel said,

"Perfect. Don't worry Mr.McCoy I will take care of her"

My dad said,

"OK. You better."

Daniel opened the door and went to his car. My dad wanted to talk to me.

He said,

"Hey Saige, your mom wanted me to give you this mace. And well, you look really beautiful."

"Thanks. And dad I'm not taking the mace."

"Well you don't have to."

"Bye dad."

"Bye Saige"

I left. When Daniel and I were at the school prom, my friends were there.

Daniel said,

"I'll be back."

I saw Leo.

He said,

"Hey, Saige."
I said,

"Hey Leo."

"Nice dress."

"Thanks." Why are you here? Are you crashing the prom?"

"No. Actually my dad paid me to come talk to you. 30 bucks."

"OK. Than let's here it."

"OK. You can't get mad. My dad wants you to break up with your boyfriend. He said quote We will be watching you."

"Uh,OK tell him thanks."

Daniel was back and he said,

"I will take it from here."

Leo and Daniel had looked at each other very weirdly.

Leo said,

"Guess I will see you around Saige."


Me and Daniel walked away so did Leo.

Daniel said,

"I leave you alone for one minute and the wolves descend."


Me and Daniel took a picture.

I said,

"I can't believe I am doing this. Just so you know I can't dance."

Daniel said,

"Just smile."

when we went inside,there was loud music and everybody was dancing.

I said,

"Wow. This really isn't me."

Daniel said,

"Saige, I didn't want you to miss this."

I smiled.

I saw Kahlan,Jessica,Jennifer,Jack,and Peter.

Daniel and I walked on the dance floor. The music was so loud.

Daniel said,

"They really should put that music down."

I said,

"Oh the whole sonic ear thing."

"Yeah. Saige do you wanna go somewhere where the music is lower."


Daniel took me outside.

People were dancing.

Daniel said,

"Shall we dance?"

I said,

"Are you serious?"


Daniel lifted me up to the point where I was on my toes.

He said,

"See your dancing."

"Yeah... Daniel why did you save me? Why didn't you let the venom spread?"

"Saige being a vampire isn't what you want to be."

"But I want to be with you."

"Saige I don't want to end your life."

"But I am dying. Everyday I get closer."

"That is how it's supposed to be"

"But I want to be with you."

"Saige, is that what you dream about, being a monster."

"Daniel I want to be with you forever."

Daniel dipped me then kissed me.

As he went up he said,

"Is it not enough to spend your life with me?"

Me and Daniel kissed again.


Now I know what I want. I want to be with Daniel forever.

I also know that Jade will want revenge and Zachariah will help her. Jade will try to kill me to show Daniel how she felt when her love James died.

I know that as long as Jade is existing in the world, I am not safe.

This means that this is the end of the story but the beginning of a big fight.

It may last for a few years. But I am close to dying and Jade always has a plan to kill me.

I know for a fact that Daniel will protect me from her.

But the thing is, how long until Jade will hurt Daniel.?












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