The blood of night

This story is about a girl named Saige. She lived in California and moved to New York(her father lives in New York her parents got a divorce). She is moving because her mom got transferred to Australia and Saige did not want to go. She is in high-school(a freshman) called Star High.

On the first day of school she hears about this strange boy, he is in all her classes and he barely speaks. He always hangs out with a group of the same people.
Sometimes he isn't at school at all.
What happens next read the story and find out.


4. First day of Star High

When me and my dad, Richard woke up we said,

"Good morning"

to each other.

We got ready and ate breakfast.

I just had toast and a glass of water.

My father had coffee and bread with peanut butter.When they finished their breakfast, Richard dropped Saige to school.

Saige said,

"Bye, see you later"

I went in the school and there was so many people.

5 people walked up to me.

Their names were Kalhan,Jennifer,Jack,Jessica, and Peter.

(Jennifer and Jack are boyfriend and girlfriend). I told them my name too.

Saige asked them,

"where is the principal's office?"

They told me.

The principal's name was Principal Janie. (female)

She gave me a paper with my classes on it and where my locker is.

Principal Janie said

"Have a good day at Star High"

Then I left.

I went to my locker to see how it looked like and what I needed to personalize it.

I looked at my phone to check what time it was. Then I looked at my paper and saw that I had to be at my homeroom class.

I asked someone in the hallway where room 13 was. That person showed me.

When I went to my homeroom I saw Kalhan,Jennifer,Jessica,Jack, and Peter. I waved to them and they waved back. They were sitting together.

The teacher saw me and told me her name, Ms.Karren.

She told me that I could sit where ever I wanted. I sat by Jennifer,Kalhan,Jessica,Jack, and Peter.

Ms.Karren told the class the rules and the classes they would go to everyday.

Ms.Karren gave everyone a paper that had their name on it with the classes they will be going to everyday.

Saige told Ms.Karren,

"I already have one"

Ms.Karren replied,


When the bell rang they all went to their classes.

When the classes finished they went to lunch. I sat with my new friends.

They told me where to sit and who everybody where.(They knew everyone because they well were at the school last years and the year before that)

They told me about the popular people, after school club people, Gothic people, and the mysterious adopted siblings.

There were 7 of them. The Sterlings:

Nikki, Arabella,Clara,Edward,Caleb,Ezra, and the cutest one Daniel.

Nikki and Ezra,Clara and Caleb, and Arabella and Edward are dating.

Their father was a doctor his name was Adrian Sterling and his wife Selina Sterling

Kalhan said, 

"it is was nasty that they were dating each other."

The others said,

"They aren't related so it is ok"

Kahlan replied,

"OK,but they live together."

Saige stared at Daniel.

Jennifer and Jack said,


"Shut UP!!"

Saige said.


Lunch was over and everyone went to their classes. When I went to biology I saw Daniel. He looked kinda of stressed.

Since the biology teacher knew everyone he asked me my name and told me to sit next to Daniel.

The period finished and he rushed out like he needed to leave right now.

When the next classes finished I went home. When I arrived my  neighbor was there with his son. Richard introduced me to his neighbor Johnny and his son Leonardo.

Leonardo had long hair but no longer than my hair.

Richard and Johnny went inside to watch football on the flat screen t.v.


they both said.

Saige asked Leonardo,

"Are they always like this"

Leonard answered,

"Yes. I think it would get worse during age"

I smiled.

I told my dad that I would go and walk around to know the streets.

"OK,but be careful,take Leonardo with you"

Leonardo and I were walking. He was telling me all the streets the beaches,parks,restaurants, the best clothing store, and etc.

After about 1 hour, we went home. Well Leo went with me to go get his dad. When they arrived,the football game was almost finished.

Saige said,

"Hey dad."

"Hey how was that thing you were doing,uh"


"Yeah, walking. How was that?"

"It was alright."

"Good to know"

I went upstairs.While she was going upstairs I heard my dad yell,


I just stayed upstairs in my room. I closed my door and did my homework. I only had one so I finished in 15 min.

I went back downstairs and I saw Johnny and Leonardo leaving so I assumed that they was going home. I said,


Johnny and Leo said,


back to me.

When they left, I went to the kitchen and got a glass of milk. Then went upstairs to the bathroom so I can take a shower and brush my teeth. When I finished, I put my towel over myself then went to my room. I put on my pj's and went to sleep.

After about 2 hours my dad went to sleep.





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