The blood of night

This story is about a girl named Saige. She lived in California and moved to New York(her father lives in New York her parents got a divorce). She is moving because her mom got transferred to Australia and Saige did not want to go. She is in high-school(a freshman) called Star High.

On the first day of school she hears about this strange boy, he is in all her classes and he barely speaks. He always hangs out with a group of the same people.
Sometimes he isn't at school at all.
What happens next read the story and find out.


8. Confront of the secret

OK, I woke up blah,blah, blah for breakfast I had cereal.

I drove to school in my car. I saw Daniel with Nikki,Arabella,Clara,Caleb, Ezra, and Edward. When school finished I followed Daniel to a forest. I went in the forest and I was walking around. I saw Daniel.

I said,

"I know what you are, and I am not scared"

He replied,

"Really. Than what am I?"

"A vampire"

I turned around and he was there.

Then, in a quick second he wasn't there any more.

"Why do you think I am a vampire?"

"You are cold,very strong,you don't come out in the sun."

He came behind me and said,

"OK. I am a vampire. You  should be very scared"

"Well, I am not"

He appeared in front of me and went close to me.

He said,

" You should see how vampires look like in the sun"

Daniel put me on his back and ran to a place that had a lot of sunlight. It felt like it took only a few seconds to get there. He runs really fast.

He put me on my feet and went to the light.

When he was in the light, he was burning, but at the same time his skin was hypnotically shiny like diamonds.

He came out of the sunlight and said,

"The sunlight slowly burns vampires until they are weak and they later then die and become ash."

Daniel came up to me to me and put me on his back to a place that had less sunlight. He told me that his family are vampires.

I asked,

"Do all vampires read minds like you do?"

"No. Some vampires don't have special gifts. Adrian and Selina are just normal vampires. Nikki can see the future and the past, Ezra is one of the new vampires to our coven we had him for two centuries, and his power is to change people's emotions. Clara doesn't have a power either, but Caleb's power is that his strength is 2x amplified than a normal vampire. Arabella came transform her shape. She could look like anyone or anything.And Edward is the other new vampire. We met him a century ago. We don't know who changed him. He does not have a power that I know of."



So after that day, me and Daniel went to that same forest everyday after school and he told me about vampires and the vampire species.      He also told me that his family are like vampire vegetarians. They don't eat human blood. They feed on the blood of animals.

Once me and Daniel kissed. He looked at and I kissed him.

He said,


After a few weeks, me and  Daniel soon became boyfriend and girlfriend.  

Everyone found out about this when Daniel drove to school in his car.

So after school I asked Daniel if he could drop me home before I meet his family.

He asked,


"Because I know that vampires don't eat and I don't want to make a bad impression"    

Daniel smiled then said,


So he dropped me home and I got something to eat. It was just some lasagna. 

When I finished I went back outside into Daniel's car and he drove me to  his house.

When we arrived, he gave me a tour. 
We went to the kitchen. I saw Selina and Adrian making something.

Selina introduced herself and so did Adrian.

Selina said,

"We made something for you"

"Oh, i had something to eat. I knew that vampires don't eat"

Selina said,

"Oh that is very considerate of you"

I smiled.

Clara was there and she looked mad.

Clara said,

"You know this is very dangerous having you here."

in a angry voice.

She was holding a clear bowl that had lettuce. She broke it.

Nikki came in and said,


I said,


back to her.

Nikki said,

"I see that you and Daniel will always be together."

I just smiled.

Then Arabella came in and transformed into a bat and was flying all around the kitchen.

Selina said,

"Arabella come down. I told you we have a guest"

Arabella said,


She came down and transformed back into herself. Arabella had really long hair. It was right below her butt. It was light brown. Arabella walked up to me and looked straight into my eyes.

Then her eyes glowed. I felt like I was choking.


I touched my neck.

Daniel said,

"Arabella, don't do this"

Arabella leaned in for my neck.

Then Caleb walked in and saw her and ran to her grabbed her then went upstairs very quickly.

I fell down on the floor. Daniel quickly came to me and asked,

"Are you OK"

"*cough* yeah"

He lifted me back up on my feet.

Caleb came back with Arabella. Daniel went in front of me, and I went in front of him.

Caleb said,

"Arabella has something to say"

Arabella walked up to me and said,

"Huh, sorry I tried to eat you"

"It is OK."

Daniel than took me to see his room.

When we were going upstairs I saw graduation caps. Daniel just said that the caps represent how many times they graduated.

I said,


Daniel smiled at me then we continued to his room. When we were there I saw no bed.

So I said,

"Huh, no bed"

"Oh, yeah vampires don't sleep"


I was looking at the music he had.

Mozart and Beethoven.

I said,

"Daniel, how does it feel when you fly?"

Daniel came quickly to me and said,

"Well, I can show you"

Daniel put me on his back, opened the window, and said,

"Are you scared"


"OK. You really shouldn't have said that"

He flew to a big tree branch that was high and asked me that same question.

I said no. Then he  smiled and started flying everywhere.

After a few minutes, Daniel flew his house. I wanted to say bye.

When we went in I said bye to everyone. Nikki hugged me and said come here often.

I said,

"I will always come here"

When I left Daniel dropped me home.

When I was home my dad was there and he said,

"You know, if he hurts you I know how to handle a shot gun"

I smiled and said,

"Dad, if Daniel"

"Oh,so now you are on a first name basis with this guy"

"As I was saying, if Daniel were to hurt me, you can't kill him"

My dad smiled and said,

"Well, I am a cop so why can't I kill him"

I was thinking for a short second trying not to say my boyfriend is a vampire and I said,

"Because I won't allow you to"

Then I went upstairs to my room. I just did my homework.

When I finished, I went downstairs and I saw Johnny and Leo.

Johnny and my dad were talking about some crime thing and Leo looked bored.

I said,


to Johnny and Leo and they said hi back to me.

Leo said,

"You know this is really boring."

I said,

"OK, you wanna get something to eat in the kitchen"


Me and Leo went in the kitchen and talked.

He said,

"So I here that you are dating someone"

"Oh, you heard about that."

"Yeah your dad was talking to my dad about him. The Sterlings, right"

"Yeah. Daniel. His name is Daniel"

"OK let's stop talking about my love life. Let's talk about yours. Is there anyone special?"

"Huh, well no one"

Johnny came in and said,

"Leo come on let's go"
"OK, dad"

Leo said bye to me and I said bye back to him. I went to the front door and said bye to Johnny. He said bye to me and my dad. My dad said bye to both of them then they left.

My dad closed the door and locked it.

He said,

"Saige go upstairs and get ready for bed"


I went upstairs I brushed my teeth then I took a shower put my towel on then went to my room to put my pj's on. When  I finished, I saw my dad going upstairs so I said goodnight to him and he said it back.

He went in his room and went to sleep and I went to my room and went to sleep.





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