Zoey Woods is a 16 year old gamer girl, who likes many computer games. But, her
favorite is Minecraft. One day Zoey was playing minecraft and got sucked into a
1D-ish Nether portal. She doesnt know how. She landed in the world of minecraft
and saw One Direction, looking still super sexy even though they were all blocky-like.


3. On The Way Home

Zoey and the boys started to head home. They walked through the field, snow, and sand to get back. Liam noticed something. The sun was going down, and they were 1 mile away from home still! They panicked and panicked. "We are going to die!" Cried Harry. "Theres going to be monsters everywhere!" Shouted Niall. "Guys, I played Minecraft since I was 10, and I am now 16. I can handle the monsters. Trust me." Said Zoey. Zoey took out her diamond sword and 5 others for the boys. Soon, it was dark. Creepers, Endermen, Zombies...... Skeletons, Spiders, Cave spiders... The boys were freaked out. Zoey wasn't. A creeper came torwards them and Zoey stabbed it with her sword. Zoey collected the gunpowder that the Creeper dropped.  They started to sprint home, but monsters kept surrounding Zoey and the boys. An hour later, they were almost home, covered in scrapes from all of the monsters. A big swarm of zombies came running after us. Someone had to take care of it. Zoey took the risk. She stabbed zombies one by one. Every zombie was dead. Zoey was almost dead, with only 2 lives left. "We have to get her home and give her some food!" Cried Zayn. When they got home, Louis took out some beef. Zoey ate the beef and got re-powered up. By the time Zoey was re-powered up, the sun started to rise. The minsters died, and Zoey and the boys made it home, safely.

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