Zoey Woods is a 16 year old gamer girl, who likes many computer games. But, her
favorite is Minecraft. One day Zoey was playing minecraft and got sucked into a
1D-ish Nether portal. She doesnt know how. She landed in the world of minecraft
and saw One Direction, looking still super sexy even though they were all blocky-like.


2. Gold! Diamonds! Whatever!

In the morning, Zoey and the boys got some pickaxes and got ready to go mining. They searched outside for a cave, and found at least 5 of them. They chose the first one because they found something shining in it. Zoey and the boys went into the cave. They mined and mined and mined. And finally, they found some lava. Zoey knows lava leads to gold or diamonds. Zoey, Liam and Louis went left, and Harry, Niall, and Zayn went right. Zoey was walking, and finally, she found something glistening in the light. She ran to the glistening light, and stopped infront of hot boiling lava. The glistening ore was diamonds. She had to get across the dumb pool of lava. "Louis? Do you have any cobblestone?" Asked Zoey. "Yea, here." Louis passes over the cobblestone. Zoey carefully built a bridge with the cobblestone. Zoey crossed the bridge and got the diamonds. Behind those diamonds, were more diamonds! She collected those diamonds. And behind those diamonds, were 3 ores of gold! Zoey collected the gold. But, behind the gold was an ore that Zoey has never seen before- After 6 years of playing minecraft! The ore was dark blue. "Liam, Louis? What is this ore?" Asked Zoey. "I think its Lapis." Answered Liam. "Yea, I agree with Liam." Said Louis. Zoey collected the... Ummmm.... Lapis. "Lapis, or whatever it could be, it has a beautiful color." Said Zoey in her head.

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