Good parents always die first

This is about a girl named Samantha/ Sammy Rae. She is an orphan and has been one her while life. Never has been adopted and probably never will be. She is 17 and still in an orphanage home. What happens when she's adopted? Who adopts her? You'll find out when you read 'Good parents always die first'.


1. Samantha Rae

Hi my names Samantha Rae an I am 17. I live in an orphanage called 'London's Child Community'. Pfft. Not unless you get beaten half a day and get fed 1 a week. Mrs Hetherway is the one who beats me and cuts me. Any way, I have blonde hair with brown through it and I have lightning blue eyes that apparently feel like they are piercing your soul. I'm am 5"6 and have medium sized breasts if your wondering *wink* I've been in an orphanage all my life. One band has changed the way I look at myself. I am beautiful, skinny (obviously!) and I have feelings inside.

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