Good parents always die first

This is about a girl named Samantha/ Sammy Rae. She is an orphan and has been one her while life. Never has been adopted and probably never will be. She is 17 and still in an orphanage home. What happens when she's adopted? Who adopts her? You'll find out when you read 'Good parents always die first'.


4. Chapter 3

Sammys POV 

i lay there crying until a knock comes upon my door "c-come in!" I stutter as they start walking in "what's wrong baby girl?" Dad asks "I'm just-it's alright nevermind" I say rolling onto my back "we'll I want you to come on your with me so can you please pack a couple things because this tour is very short" dad says "yes daddy" I say jumping off my bed and head for the shower "lalalalalala" I sing the tune to drunk by Ed sheeren "your insecure don't know what for your turning heads when you walk through the door-or-or" I start to sing WMYB by one direction as I get into the shower and feel the hot water pierce my cold body. I hop out and start to hum random songs as I wrap a towel around me and walk out to find the boys but dad and Liam on my bed "hi" I mumble not caring if I was covered by a towel "wow" Niall and harry says looking at my body "what?" I ask tucking a corner of the towel "n-nothing" they both stutter "anyway look Sammy. They wanted to know if your a tomboy or a girls girl?" Zayn asks "pfft that's easy. That's for ME to know and YOU to find out" I smirk "okay" they say getting off of the bed and walking out of the room. I grab a black t-shirt that says 'Blood & Glory' on it and blue shorts and red TOMS. I walk out not bothering to brush my hair as its very curly. I stop as I hear harry and Niall discussing something "she's really nice and mysterious" Niall says "AND PRETTY!!" Harry screams. I had enough and walked down the stairs to the kitchen "TRUTH OR DARE!!!!" Dad screams running into the lounge room with mum and the rest of the boys following "what the fuck?" I whisper grabbing an apple and walking into the lounge room "okay sit in a circle everyone!" Dad says sitting on the floor next to mum. I sit in between harry and zayn "alright you go first el!" Niall says "okay truth or dare Louis?" Mum asks dad "DARE!!" He screams hopping up and down on his bum "go into our room and put my make up on. Ill get Sammy to help you!" Mum says "YAY FATHER AND DAUGHTER BONDING TIME!!" I scream jumping up and running into mum and dads room Louis soon after me "okay. Just add a little bit of this and that!" I say almost finished "DONE!!" I scream laughing my head off as I have put bright neon red lipstick on him with blue eye shadow and black mascara with pink blush "haha!!" Daddy laughs "lets go!" I say almost falling over in laughter. We head down stairs and everyone laughs "okay Sammy truth or dare sweetie?" Dad asks me "umm dare?" I say making it sound like a question "kiss harry" he says I blush and frown knowing it would be my first kiss. So I stand up and walk to my room. I lay down on my stomach smiling tht I was about to have my first kiss "ugh Sam can you open the door please?" Harry asks "yeah sure!" I say getting off my bed and over to the door "why did you come up here? And why are you smiling?" Harry asks backing me up "well first question is because if I allowed myself to be kissed that would mean it would be my first kiss. And second. I'm not telling!" I say as harry is still backing me up into a corner "then why don't you kiss me?" He asks smirking "because. I want to know you more before I know I love you" I say slipping out of the corner "did you just say you liked me?" He asks "yep" I say not embarressed at all "TOMBOY!!" Niall screams from the door "yay your correct ill give you a prize!" I say giving him a shirt I stole from Zayns room. Mwahaha;)

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