Good parents always die first

This is about a girl named Samantha/ Sammy Rae. She is an orphan and has been one her while life. Never has been adopted and probably never will be. She is 17 and still in an orphanage home. What happens when she's adopted? Who adopts her? You'll find out when you read 'Good parents always die first'.


3. Chapter 2

Sammy's POV 

after Katie hugged me we called the police to get rid of mrs hetherways body "Sammy" Lilly says "yes lil" I say squatting to her hight "when are we going to be abopted?" Lilly asks in her cute voice "I don't know sweetie" I say walking into Amanda's room "who wants food?" I say walking to her cot to see her crying "aww come on sweet pea" I say picking her up and taking her to the kitchen "lalalalalala" I sing warming Amanda's bottle of milk up "you sing beautifully Sammy!" Katie says clapping. I blush and get the bottle out of the microwave "thanks Kate" I say feeding Amanda "oh some people are coming to look for a child of any age" Sarah says coming into the kitchen and taking crackles out "okay" I say not interested as I never get chosen. I put Amanda back in her cot and sing her to sleep. I hear foot steps coming up the staircase rather loudly. I step out of Amanda's room "umm can you please quieten down  the baby's asleep" I whisper "sorry love" I hear a boys voice say coming up the stairs "oh your Liam out of 1D correct?" I ask closing the door silently "ha yes love that's me!" He whisper-yelled "umm why are you guys here?" I ask curiously "we are gonna adopt a girl" he says "yeah probably not me" I mumble "what's your name?" Liam asks "Samantha but call me Sammy!" I say walking off "wait! How old are you?" He asks "16" I say opening my bedroom door and going inside. I take a quick shower and jump out feeling refreshed and clean bi walk into my room with a towel on "umm excuse me Sammy. But someone wants to adopt you!" Katie says coming in "really?" I ask putting a 'are you joking again?' Look on my face "yes this time I'm sure!" She says walking in "now pack your bags!" She says walking out "whatever" I mumble to myself getting dressed into a blouse and black skinny jeans with red TOMS. I start to pack when a note slips out from my bag:

Dear Samantha,

I will find you sweetie and when I do. Your nightmares will come true!



I got scared and packed faster. Why would mum write that and leave me? I thought. I get snapped back to reality when Sarah comes in "hurry up Samantha! They are waiting. And incredibly HOT!!" Sarah says running down the stairs. I zip my bag up and walk downstairs. So I am really getting adopted! I thought almost missing the last step but gain my balance quickly "ahh there she is!" Katie says pointing to me "hi" I mumble tears pricking my eyes "this is your new dad!" Sarah says pointing to a man with stripes and red jeans "hello sweetie. My name is Louis tomlinson. But you can call me dad. And this is your mother. Eleanor Calder. But you may call her mum!" Louis- I mean dad says pointing to a beautiful woman with light chocolate brown hair pulled back into a bun "ahh Louis she's adorable!" Mum says hugging me "ugh thanks?" I say putting one hand on her back "okay we have to go now say good-bye!" Louis says taking my hand "bye Katie bye Sarah ill miss you guys so much!" I say hugging then both "bye Sammy ill miss u!" Lilly says holding my leg "bye lil!" I say kissing her cheek as tears started to find their way out "bye guys!" I say going out the door following mum and dad out "you wil now be SAMANTHA TOMLINSON!!" Dad says getting in the car. I get in and look out the window staring into the blue sky  we past a couple of houses and finally stopped at a big blue a whit house "Sammy we have some people over so be nice please" mum says "yes mum" I say getting my back and dragging it behind mum and dad. I wasn't in the mood to meet new people. But I am a daughter now. We go inside and mum and dad immediately get swarmed with hugs. One of the boys comes up to me "I saw you at the orphanage!" Liam said "hi Liam" I say still frowning and mumbling "okay ill see ya round Sammy!" Liam says happily "dad where's my room?" I ask "el can you take Sammy up to her room please?" Dad asks mum "sure. Come in sweetie" she says taking my hand and wrapping it in hers. We get to a door with my name on it "here you are sweetie. Come down whenever you like!" Mum says walking down the stairs. I go into my room to see a 50inch flat screen t.v on the wall and a MASSIVE queen sized water bed. I see a door and open it to see a walk in closet that was MASSIVE!! Then I open another door that leads me to a bathroom with an eletrical toothbrush and some Colgate toothpaste. Yum! I walk back into my room to see a guy at my door "hi you must be samantha I'm harry!" He says coming in and puts his hand out. I take his hand "yes that's me but please call me sammy" I mumble letting go and walking to the walk in closet "why are you so shy?" Harry asks following me "I'm not" I say raising my voice a little "wow okay" harry says walking away. I hang up my clothes and explore the room. I find a blue thing on a desk that opens up and has letters and a pad thingy on the inside. Then I find a fold out bed underneath me bed that was also a water bed. (The water bed is quite high not that high that you can't get on it. The side of the bed is up to Harry's belly button) I fold the bed back in and climb onto my bed and cry. 

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