Good parents always die first

This is about a girl named Samantha/ Sammy Rae. She is an orphan and has been one her while life. Never has been adopted and probably never will be. She is 17 and still in an orphanage home. What happens when she's adopted? Who adopts her? You'll find out when you read 'Good parents always die first'.


2. Chapter 1

Sammy's POV 

i lay there staring up at the whit ceiling thinking that I will never be adopted by a wonderful loving family. But oh well. That's that. "SAMMY!!" Mrs Hetherway screams from the dining table bi sigh and make my way effortlessly to the dining room "yes?" I ask rather politly "your birthday is next week and I've got a present for you" she says "oh really?" I ask as I see her lifting her arms up from behind her back "yes I do" she says throwing something at my head. I couldn't make it out as I blacked out. I am awoken to Jenny shaking me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY!!" Jenny screams "I've been knocked out for a week?" I ask nobody "yeah I guess so" Jackson says. I am the eldest in this orphanage and Amanda is the youngest of 8 weeks young "okay just wondering" I say standing up "where's mrs Hetherway?" I ask brushing the dirt off of me "she's on da fwoor not moving" Lilly says "what?" I ask not believing her "she's right there!" Jenny says pointing to a lifeless mrs Hetherway. She looked so pale and her tongue was sticking out as her eyes were blood shot and open "AHH" I scream "Sarah!" I yell for one of the other workers "ye-ahh!" Sarah screams running down the stairs "YES!!" She says "I don't get any beatings I don't get any beatings!" Sarah says doing a weird dance "umm you didn't hear that" Sarah says as Katie comes down the stairs singing happily to herself "she used to beat me too" I say showing Sarah m cuts from her "poor thing" Katie says hugging me. 


A/N sorry for the short chapter. I'm tired. 

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