The one and only

Megan Devine has been bullied, since she was 8. But one day a new irish boy came to her school. And he stood up for her, and try to stop the bullying


1. A year after

A year after:

I could make out the water, and the glow of the few waves. I could still have time to change my mind, but I had made ​​my decision. If I couldn't live with him, I wouldn't live. I climbed up on the bridge railing. A tear fell down in the water. I had come up, but even though I was so close, I couldn't jump. And I suddenly doubt this was the right decision. I heard footsteps, they came up, and it sounded almost as if he, she or whatever it was limp. "Megan, don't do it" shout the person who ran against me. It was a boy, I could now see the outline of him. He had a soft voice with an Irish accent. I knew the voice, I turned my head. It couldn't be him. He came closer. I know him, I started to cry. "Emily comes down," he said with his perfect voice. "Niall" it was the only word I could get out. My legs were shaking, or rather my whole body shook. I turned towards him. I could feel my foot slip, and wind grabs me. I got the balance, and with a scream I fell down. I could hear Niall shouting my name. And I could see his blue eyes looking directly at me. They were the last thing I saw, before I hit the water, and the flow scratched me with.

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