Lou and Tom are in a horrific accident that noone saw coming luckily Lux was with the her neice Caitlin or she would be long gone. Everyone fights to see who takes care of Lux but when Harry and Caitlin are at Lou and Toms house they discover something very important. It was their.........


5. The Will

Caitlins POV

I got Lux dressed in a Zebra Onesie I put her down in her crib and told her to wait there. on the way to my room I walked past Lou and Toms room I couldnt stop myself from going in there. I pushed open the door and walked in I started walking around the perimeter of the room with my fingers scraping along anything in its path I was focused on one place when a soft thump woke me from my trance. I dropped down and picked them up looking at the contents. There is a bunch of papers I shouldnt read through other peoples belongings so I put them back in the Envelope and read the Adress ' To Helen Piper St.Richards Lawyers.' Helen Piper was their Lawyer. On the ground was a small piece of paper, I picked it up and read it, Dear Mr and Mrs Teasdale please find enclosed your will papers please send them back by the 30/7/13 


For a moment I was still adjusting to what I read so this is their will this could say who looks after Lux could be very important. Before I knew I did I had called for Harry I heard him come thumping up the stairs. He appeared at the door way and looked at me with a confused face. I waited for a moment then managed to get out " I think I found Lou and Toms Will."

Harrys POV

"I think I found Lou and Toms Will." Those were the words that made my heart stop I didnt know what to do so I walked over to Caitlin and kneeled down next to her. "What are we meant to do?" I asked her very confused. "Show the boys see what they think and get all the hastle of who gets what."She said "We should get the boys up here so you go get Lux and ill get the boys." I called for the boys and they were up in less than a minute. which is a record to them. Caitlin walked in with Lux and sat on the bed I sat next to her. we sat in silence for a moment then Zayn finaly spoke up 
" Whats that in your hand Mate" " Well umm we found Lou and Toms Will."

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