Lou and Tom are in a horrific accident that noone saw coming luckily Lux was with the her neice Caitlin or she would be long gone. Everyone fights to see who takes care of Lux but when Harry and Caitlin are at Lou and Toms house they discover something very important. It was their.........


4. Lux and Her Pancakes

I nodded my head and walked to Luxs room. Small Small Lux she doesnt even know what happened. She just learned to walk and Talk. I walked over to her crib and picked her up as soon as I held her she stopped and smiled her all gums smile. "Where Mumma and Dadda." She asked. I didnt really know how to explain so I replied. "They went on a holiday and thought that it was really good so they decided to stay a little longer. But they said that they love you very much." She nodded her head and snuggled into my shoulder. "I'm Hungy." She said as she looked up. "How about we get uncle Harry to make us some brekky. OK" I answered. I walked into my room and found Harry channel surfing on my T.V. "Hey Harry can you please make us some breakfast" He turned around and got up off my bed and walked over and kissed Lux then my forehead. "You girls alright." He asked. " Yeah im fine thanks." "Mummy and Dadda went on a howiday. Dey cawed and sayed dey were staying longer." "ok Luxy. What do you girls want for breakfast." " Pancakes" Lux shouted loud anough to wake the world. "Gosh nothing comes between Lux and her Pancakes." Harry joked. "Well you go start and ill get Lux and me dressed." I said

Harrys POV

I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen they were argueing about something. I walked to the cupboard and took out the ingredients and placed them on the bench. "Harry are you making Pancakes." Asked Niall. " yep you want some. Wait why am I asking Niall Horan if he wants pancakes. its like asking a dog if it wants food. what are you guys argueing about?" " Who is going to look after Lux." Liam Informed. Before I could Explain what I thought I heard my name being called from upstairs. "back in a minute" I said just as I left the kitchen.

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