Lou and Tom are in a horrific accident that noone saw coming luckily Lux was with the her neice Caitlin or she would be long gone. Everyone fights to see who takes care of Lux but when Harry and Caitlin are at Lou and Toms house they discover something very important. It was their.........


6. Helen Piper

Helens POV

I walked up to my clients house and knocked on the door their was no answer so i rung the doorbell. I heard someone come running down the stairs so I stepped back and opened the door. Infront of me was a young girl who looked like Lou.C: "Are you Helen." H:"Yes I am and you are." C:"Caitlin. Lou and Toms neice." H:"ok. I am very sorry for the loss of your amazing Aunty and Uncle." C:" Thankyou and you know what you came just in time because i just found their Will."H: "Okay now are we going to stand out here in the cold." C:" good idea please come in." We walked in and sat at the table. A group of 5 boys 1 with curly hair holding Lux. Lux looked up and saw me, she smiled and put her arms out.
 " Hewen." She said directing for me to pick her up. I got up and took her from curlys arms. "this is Helen Piper. Lou and Toms lawyer." Caitlin introduced. " Hi where One Direction Lous clients." The boy with the buzz cut said. " Oh well its lovely to meet you." I said. " I'm here to Help with the will and sorting out the resbonsibilities. Caitlin said you found the Will. Was it comleted?" I asked. " Yes it was." Curly said handing me pieces of paper. I looked at the Paper and asked the boys to sit down. they did as i said.

" Okay lets get down to buisness. 

Who takes over your hair and make up
Caitlin will be doing it from now on. dont worry she has been taught. 

The food in the fridge. 

Niall can have the food but not at once.

My jewellry and clothes
Caitlin can deal with that if she would like something she may have it.

Zayn can have my hair products

Louis can have the carrots

Liam can sort the rest of my stuff out

Harry can have all of our alcahol

and Caitlin can have the house and take care of Lux with he boys help

And Lux may have my money and my bravery with the help of Caitlin I hope she will become an amazing women just like her Mother. "

I looked around everyone had tears in their eyes. I thanked them and Left.

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