Lou and Tom are in a horrific accident that noone saw coming luckily Lux was with the her neice Caitlin or she would be long gone. Everyone fights to see who takes care of Lux but when Harry and Caitlin are at Lou and Toms house they discover something very important. It was their.........


2. Finding out

Liams Pov

I was watching Lux play with Zayns quiff. When Lux pointed at the tv and said in her adorable voice "Look its Mummy and Daddy" I unmute the tv and started listening to the news. "Guys look at the tv!" Everyone turned their heads and looked at the tv. 'There has been a freak car accident on Waterloo road, the accident claimed the lives of One Directions Stylist Lou Teasdale and husband Tom Atkin there have been reports that there child 6 month old Lux Atkin was not in the car at the time of the accident. The accident was caused by a boulder falling onto the car from Mt Waterloo.' All of asudeen my phone rang I picked it up and answered it....."Hello?" ' Is this Mr.Payne.' "yes..." 'I am very sorry to inform you that Lou and Tom Teasdale have passed in a horrific accident. we will have their lawyer come to there house and inform you of there will thank you and I am sorry for your loss' beep beep beep i stood their stund i knew i saw the news article but this was just to much. i walked in and told the others about it nd they nodded "now remember dont tell Caitlin." "uhh mate." Harry pointed to the door there she was Caitlin was leaning on the door stuned she ran away with tears running down her face. for a minute we sat stunned at what just happened. Harry got up and walked out. 

Harry's Pov

I got up and followed Caitlin, I felt so bad for her Lou taught her all she knew they where so close. I walked to Caitlins room and knocked on the door "Go Away" I heard her say in a muffled voice. "come on please let me in please please please please please!!" I pleaded. "Okay" she finally replied. i opened the door and went and sat next to her. she wrapped her arms around me and started crying. I didnt mind that my shirt was getting wet we werent planning on going out anywhere. It was still early so we decided to watch a movie to keep our minds of of todays events. I walked over and put a movie in. it was Pitch Perfect. the movie ended so I decided to go but then I looked at Caitlin she was fast asleep. I didnt want to wake her so i just lied down next to her and drifted off into a slumber.

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