Lou and Tom are in a horrific accident that noone saw coming luckily Lux was with the her neice Caitlin or she would be long gone. Everyone fights to see who takes care of Lux but when Harry and Caitlin are at Lou and Toms house they discover something very important. It was their.........


12. Expressions R a killer

Harrys pov 

We were watching Daniella on the phone. As she got deeper into the phone call her expressions started changing.
Start of Call-Happy
Progressing into call-Confused 
Deeper into call-Worried

Everytime a new expression was showed all of us would stare at each other weirdly. Somehow I think thats not Caitlin on the other end of the phone.

Daniellas Pov

 "Well I am Sally Frankenburg from London Private hospital and Ihave some bad news about Caitlin...." As soon as I heard that I felt like I remembered that from somewhere. 
I remember that was the phone call similar to what Caitlin got when Tom and lou died. Oh No this cant be happening. 
"Shes not dddead is she"
 I tremble. Everyone looks at me with wide eyes.
"No just in a coma. she was in a car accident very serious. she is just in surgery getting all the glass out of her head so if you would like to come down to the hospital you may." 
Sally said. 
"Can I bring friends" 
"Of course" 
"Im on my way now" 
"when you get to the hospital just ask for me ok" 
"Thankyou so much Sally" "Thats ok and im sorry about your friend" With that we hung up.

Caitlins Pov

I am so sore!!!! I wanna get up so bad but its so dark it must be night time. I open my eyes and see Lou and Tom Hovering over me.
I squill Cowering back
"Its ok Caitlin its just us" 
Tom comforts
"Bbbut your ddddead?"
" I prefer to call it a long nap but yeah"
 Lou jokes
"How is this possible?"
I question.
"Well you were in a car accident. Your not dead just in a coma."
Tom explains.
"For how long?" 
I ask.
"However long you want to be. You have a choice you now. We didnt because our accident was to severe but compared to ours yours was nothing."
Tom informs.
"Can I go back now."
I whine.
"Not yet. First you have to wait till your surgery is done. Then you wait until everyone comes and visits you and listen to them spill their guts out telling you all their secrets thats the fun part."
Lou eplains trying to sound serious.
"Sounds like fun. So what do we do now?"
I ask.
"We wait" 
Tom answers.
We sit there in silence for what seems like forever until I finally ask a question.
"Whats it like being dead."
"You dont really feel it."
Tom replys lou agreeing.
"This is so boring do they have tv"
I whine.
"It is boring and you now what yes and no."
Lou replies
"What do you mean 'Yes' and 'No'"
I question.
"This isnt your normal television."
Tom answers.
"Well its gotta be better then sitting here bored to death. No offence."
I complain.
"None taken"
Lou says as she turns on a tv looking thing. There is a hospital show on, someones in surgery getting glass removed from their body. Lou said it was live.

I stare at the tv for a while until i finnally realise that the person getting oporated on was me. "Oooooooooooooh" I let out.
Lou and Tom look at me like duhh who else would be getting glass taken out of their body. 

{on tv}

"we are just about done ask a nurse to clear a room for her I hear she has visitors." A doctor doing my surgery explains" Yes doctor" one of the nurses replies.
"We are now taking her off her anestetic." Tha same doctor informs.

{back to Caitlin}

"We are now taking her off her anestetic" 
Were the last words I heard before I black out again.

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