Extreme Look Alike?!

What will happen when Nicole Adams is the extreme look alike of the famous Eleanor Calder? Will she be happy that she is or will she regret it? Read to find out!


2. Two

****Nicole's POV


I woke up and checked my phone and I have 1 new notification at twitter : @EleanorJCalder is now following you! 

I almost fainted after reading that! She noticed me! She even DMed me


Hey Gurl! We look alike ! I thought you were just a fan account but I saw pics of you and your friend and I realize that you weren't a fan account! We just look very alike! You sure we aren't twins?! Haha Xx.


You noticed me! And yeah we're not twins :) I know it's hard to believe :) I'm like your biggest fan! Sorry for fangirling! Xx.

After that I locked my phone and I was looking at my sleeping friend... Only in her underwear! Typical Kyna! I'll let her rest so I went to the shower and played Ed Sheeran songs I just love him he's songs have so much meaning!


After I showered I looked at my cabinet and I went trough my new clothes that Kyna bought me I decided to wear a muscle tee that writes "SHIT HAPPENS" ,ombré shorts and combat boots well this is not my style but I'm not gonna let this clothes rot in my closet especially when kyna got it for me


So I decided that we go have a night out today I was going to take Kyna to a club but I want to go to Starbucks today I crave for a mocha frappe and some pizza

Kyna was already awake she was already taking a shower and singing "soap on my body,shampoo on my hair, Soap everywhere" her typical shower song 



I went down my living room to eat breakfast which was pan cakes its just heaven especially if my mum cooked it while I was waiting for kyna I checked my twitter and one tweet stung me it says

@ILoveDani: @ForeverNIALL10 you are a sluty bitch!

I tweeted back

@ForeverNIALL10: @ILoveDani Geez who lit the fuse in your tampon? Xx.

Ha burned her again! Oh how I love burning her then I also received another DM from El

After that I locked my phone and stuffed my face into the pancake

Then finally Kyna decided to go downstairs looking gorgeous she was wearing a see through top, skinny jeans and boots she was also wearing a beanie which was so cute

*****Kyna's POV

I went down seeing Nicole already stuffing her face on the pan cakes and I went to my new mum

"Hey kyna did you sleep well?" She asked and kissed me in the cheek

"I did soo I'll be living with you now is that okay?"

"Of course I've always wanted another daughter" she said

"Thanks " I said smiling

I stuffed my face into the pan cakes like Nicole but she was already finished

After I ate Nicole said that we should go and we'll go to Starbucks she knows that Starbucks is my favorite

We were walking while I saw two old walruses dancing horribly to the music and by walruses I mean old people so I told Nicole

"Look an old walrus!" She bursted out laughing

We also saw like 15 year olds kissing which was weird because me and Nicole are both 19 and we still didn't have our first kiss

***Nicole's POV


Who is @ILoveDani ? She seems like she's being a bitch to you. And how did you know that we weren't twins I mean you know same age,birthday,FACE AND BODY? Xx.


Yeah uhm don't think that I'm weird well because when you were at the 1D concert and I was the girl sitting at your back and I got 1 strand of your hair and I got a DNA test it says that we have no connection to each other.. Yeah and @ILoveDani is my number 1 hater She just hates my guts for no reason Xx.


Heeyyyyyyy watcha up to? I'm bored :) I love your tweets and comebacks! :) want me to tell the boys to follow you? ;) even Niall? *wink* *wink*

Lol! Haha and she read my tweets and comebacks! *totally fangirling inside* and she asked me if I want the boys to follow me I mean I almost fainted!

I replied


I'm here at Starbucks with my best friend :) really?! You do?! That's nice to hear :) and sure I mean if you like and Niall :) I mean I almost fainted!

Kyna was reading her DM she told me if I could ask Eleanor to ask the boys to follow her too so I told her


Eleanor can you also tell the boys to follow @1dsBigCock too? She's my best friend :) I mean if you don't want too its alright

She replied instantly


Sure! And I love your best friends name!


*Kyna's POV

And look there's a picture of me at the side! How I love that picture of me!

I look cute there!

And about me

I love:








One Direction


Nicole (as my sissy)

Again Food

And lastly Food! 

I just love food 

So me and Nicole were friends when little wittle cutie patotie kidsI describe too much don't I?

"KYNAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Nicole waving her hand infront of my face 

"Whooooops I zoned out "

"What were you thinking about anyways?" She asked 

"I was talking to someone"

"To whom?' She asks 

"To our readers duhh"

"To our what?"

"To our readers we're in a fan fic right?"

"Oh yeah I forgot" She asks how can she forget that she's in a fanfic??"

"Can we--" I got cut of by our phones continously having notifications

@EleanorJCalder is now following you!

@Harry_Styles is now following you!

@Louis_Tomlinson is now following you!

@NiallOfficial is now following you!

@zaynmalik is now following you!

@Real_Liam_Payne is now folling you!

@DaniellePeazer is now follwing you!

"OH MY FLACKING GOSH!" Me and Nicole scream at the same time did I forget to mention that we're still at starbucks?

Now we're getting weird looks and glares oh great 

"Why?!" I whisper-screamed to Nicole 

"Look!" she handed me her phone 

"Are you jealous?" she said winking at me

"Why would I be jealous? Look" I handed her my phone 


"Shhhhh" I said shushing her 

"Oh yeah sorry"

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