Extreme Look Alike?!

What will happen when Nicole Adams is the extreme look alike of the famous Eleanor Calder? Will she be happy that she is or will she regret it? Read to find out!


3. Three

Eleanor's POV (going back a little)

I scrolling my mentions and I saw a girl who has me as her profile picture and I thought it was cute so I was looking at her photos and daww she is a really big fan until I noticed some pictures with another girl so I never met her

It could be an edit but I think not because it is soooo realistic so i scrolled through her photos and I saw me with on woman maybe in her mid-30s I've never met her before then I realized that was NOT me

I really stalked her to get some of her information I just got:

Nicole Gabrielle Adams


March 24,1993

So I decided to follow her and you know talk to her so I did and I forgot to mention that we have the same birthday! This is getting weirder and weirder cause she might be my twin! I talked to her and after what she said that she got a piece of my hair she said that we weren't twins so what? We just look alike?!

She was really friendly and I decided to scroll her tweets then I read a tweet from @ILoveDani:@ForeverNIALL10 I don't care if you like Eleanor you are still a slut!

Woah I mean that is harsh then I saw her comeback

@ForeverNIALL10: @ILoveDani stop referring to yourself honey your not talking to a mirror :)

I mean like she was just like me!

Hey great minds think alike haha

I like her other tweet

@ForeverNIALL10: I tweet to express not to impress

I love that tweet! I wonder what's she's doing now?

I think i'll go to the club later at night 

 Just to enjoy my self 



This was just a filler chapter but the next chapter will be exciting!

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