Extreme Look Alike?!

What will happen when Nicole Adams is the extreme look alike of the famous Eleanor Calder? Will she be happy that she is or will she regret it? Read to find out!


4. Four

***Eleanor's POV

Urghh I can't believe it! I saw Louis kissing another girl! Why is he cheating on me like that?! I gave him everything! And the worst thing was he was kissing a fan! He choose a fan over me! I can't believe it! There's only one way to get out of this sorrow......

The club

I was only suppose to go to enjoy myself at the dance floor but now I'm going to enjoy myself at the bar no more sober Eleanor

***Nicole's POV

Me and Kyna were on our way to the club fun fun fun fun

We went in and went to the bar and guess who I saw ELEANOR FREAKING CALDER

Oh. My . Gosh

What is air?

Fate brought us to the same club!

Wait how come there are 10 empty beer cans lined up in front of her

Is she freaking getting drunk?!

I have to stop her

I tapped her shoulder and she looked at me with excitement

"Oh look a walking mirror" she said wobbly standing up

Oh God she is drunk

"No this is me your look alike!" I said shouting because of the music

"The mirror talks all by itself! That's so cool" she said and I am not a freaking mirror bruh!

"I'm not a mirror do you remember @ForeverNIALL10?"

"Oh yeah I remember my stunning look alike" great you remember

"Well that's me!"

" that's why you look like a mirror" she said unclearly ugh I have to fix this.

I did this to my mum when my dad died because she got drunk over and over again and this is the only way to go back to her senses

You just need to slap them back and fourth 10 times and spill water on their faces

"El I'm sorry for doing this"

"For doing what?"


I slapped her












Then I got the nearest water and spilled it on her face

"What was that for?!"

"I did it to get you back to your senses"

"Oh thanks and can you give me a ride home?"

"Sure where's your car?"

" I parked it outside"

"Wait I need to tell my friend first"

"Sure I'll wait for you there" she said pointing to the bar

" okay"

And guess what I found at the dance floor ...... Have you guessed it? Well it's a dancing Kyna at the dance floor she was shaking her booty

I dragged her out of the dance floor

"What was that for I was having the time of my life!"

"I thought you said you have two left feet and I have to bring Eleanor home"

"Okay just text me when your going back here"


I was guessing that she was tipsy and she smells like beer

So I went back to Eleanor

"Let's go?" She asked

"Sure just give me the address"

She told me the address

Now we were on our way we just stopped at the stoplight








So when we were crossing the green light I saw a truck but the brakes were broken the truck was coming on us


That was it everything went black


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