Summer love§

Ever wondered if love is fate?? So does Zack carpenter when he meets


2. That night.

I lay in my single bed but tonight I just couldn't get comfortable. I live by myself in an average student flat in the middle of Athlone a typical town in Ireland. I wasn't an insomniac and wasn't used to not sleeping except for when I had an important photo shoot. Ireland isnt extremely well known for its night life but I knew that id be well able to go to a nightclub if I wanted to -Athlone has about six- I decided to go to the nearest one rather than lieing in my bed for no reason. I got out of the bed and threw on a good pair of chinos and a T-shirt with a winky emoticon. I looked at myself in the mirror for a nineteen year old I didn't look perfect. I looked slightly lanky and I had a crooked nose my hazel eyes were probably my best feature. Months working out in college had resulted in muscles I had also got a six Pac but it isn't anything special in Athlone as almost everyone had one. I spiked my black hair. Put on my timberlands and walked out the door. The night was still young -it was only nine,I had thought it was later the nightclub was only filling when I walked into it. I smiled at the bouncer and he let me in with no hassle. The music was pumping and adrenaline started thrashing around my body- I was ready to Party!! I went up to the bar got a Vodka and coke. And started to drink it I laughed to my self at the hot burning taste that ran down my throat , that was when I spotted someone out of the corner of my eye..

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