Summer love§

Ever wondered if love is fate?? So does Zack carpenter when he meets


1. Her...

It was mid April and the sun was finally out. My life was on track for once and the birds were singing. Blue sky. It was going to be a good day-i could feel it. As I said before the sun was out !! I was walking along a typical street it was only a Wednesday so I didn't understand why I felt so happy but I was and I relished in it. I stepped to the left - a jogger was about to pass, but she wasn't your average jogger something about her made me stop and glance again. Maybe it was her hair golden caramel coloured or the fact she wasn't wearing make up but was gorgeous anyhow. Whatever it was that made me look it wouldn't let me look away I took in her piercing green eyes and looked down at her jogging outfit it made her muscles stick out clearly, her legs looked strong like as though she could be an Olympian runner her thin lips smiled at me as I passed and I just wanted to grab her and kiss her I instantly took a picture of her- I don't mean literally im not a stalker although I am a freelance photographer and she looked like a model but no I mean in my mind it's photographic I knew I wanted to meet her again but I don't want to stalk her or follow her just hope that I met her when she didn't have earphones in- when I could ask her to meet me. I shook my head at that thought I was getting cocky someone like her would never like a geeky person like me.

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