Summer love§

Ever wondered if love is fate?? So does Zack carpenter when he meets


4. Dance with me.. call me !! meet me..

We sat there for a good while making small talk, just about life when Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs name blaring through the Her face changed ”I love this song!!˝ I told her to come dance with me her hand was cold to touch and it fit perfectly in mine I smiled at this thought. We made our way over to the dance floor and she put her arms around my neck and started to sway- im not much of a dancer I have two left feet- but it was easy swaying with her not worrying that people may be staring just flowing with the music. After the song we went to sit down and she gave me her number while I punched it into my phone the conversation moved towards what I do as a job I told her and she sat there stunned "im looking for a photographer for my big game on Friday any chance you could make it down I'll pay yah like, well the magazine company who im signed with will " she flashed me a smile and I told her I would she told me to meet her on Friday for a VIP pass so we arranged a time. The night seemed to flow by really quickly and before long the dj announced last song I asked Brianna if she wanted to dance again and so we both stood up as the dj blared 'turn down for what' like I said I'm not much of a dancer so while I thrashed my arms about looking stupid I watched around me in case people were laughing. No one seemed that bothered with what I was doing so I went back to thrashing about. The song came to an end so we both made our way out of the club, "do you want me to walk ya home ?" I asked tentatively, "sure she replied and she started to walk with her. We didn't speak much as we went home so just the sound of the birds and cars was all was heard but at the door she turned almost shyly "zack, don't forget about me will ya?" I shook my head and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled and played with her keys, "you will ring me won't you" she asked, "course I will is be mad not to" I told her, she nodded. My heart pumped as I leaned in but it was the right thing to do as she leaned back and We kissed. It was like gold, so beautiful warmth filled my body and I got a tickle in my lean stomach but all too soon it ended. She opened her door and I turned away..

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