Summer love§

Ever wondered if love is fate?? So does Zack carpenter when he meets


3. A coincidence??

I felt my heart flutter uncontrollably and bang against my rib cage as though it had become drum sticks. The jogger I had spotted earlier was there at the bar wearing a red dress she seemed to shine in the dim lights of the nightclub. I finished my drink just for something to do. I wasn't good at starting conversations with people and I hated cliches. She looked up and noticed me looking at her, she smiled welcomingly at me so I walked over casually. Before I could even say anything she said “yes I'll take a drink" I looked at her stunned. I hadn't even asked to buy her one. ”sure I never offered but what'll yah take ??" I said trying to stay cool. ”a pink balloon cocktail" I ordered her one and sat down beside her. She was a very easy going person and it was really easy to get on with her I found out that her name was Brianna McCormick. She told me that she played tennis and was in the county finals on Friday and would be on television. ” so your like famous" I joked and she shrugged it off.

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