Violet was made into a vampire by her master Louis and she lives in the Brighton vampire house.
This is her short story.


1. Whole short story




She was a tiny vampire and she looked about fourteen but Violet was or had been a girl of twenty when she had been made by Louis her master.

She had long blonde hair and blue eyes and she was very pretty she had a round face and a lovely smile she was petite and barely reached five foot and she looked so damned young.

She was a resident in the Brighton house and had seen her master Louis recently he had taken away that girl at first and left the huge beast of a dog.

Then he had returned for the dog and gone off once more, since then she hadn’t seen her master or the monster dog.

She had liked Ben and had played with him many times when he had stayed, he loved to chase the rabbits and she would take him to the fields and watch him.

He was so quick and would tear the poor rabbits to pieces and she had found that rather funny, hell she didn’t have any feelings for rabbits or any animal or human.

But she did care for her own kind and she grew to love Ben in a vampire kind of way and was sad to see him go but she could tell the master loved that beast like no other vampire ever would including her.

The girl with the ginger hair who had gone with the master never came back and she never asked what had happened to her, she never really knew the girl only saying hello sometimes but she hadn’t been in the Brighton house long when he took her away with him.


Violet was going to be raped that fateful night when she first meet her master, she had been to a party and got drunk and foolishly let two boys walk her home she didn’t know them.

They had taken her to the pier and then led her underneath; she was so drunk but sobered up a bit when she realized what was going to happen.

She had cried out and one of the boys had hit her across the face, she fell and she felt a weight on her as one of the boys started to rip her shirt open.

Then he was gone and she lay there with her shirt open and her white bra showing, she stood up and held her shirt round her body.

Then she saw him the dark man was holding one of the boys and looked like he was kissing him, she stepped close and then over to her left she saw a monster.

The monster was ripping the other boy’s throat open and as the blood pumped out he would lap it up with his huge tongue like he was drinking water from a bowl.

The man dropped the boy and came over to her in the moon light she saw how handsome he was with his flowing long dark hair.

“I can kill you or you can live forever”.

His voice sounded so sweet and he was giving her a choice, the monster dog looked round at her and she saw the pure hate towards her she was a human after all.

“Time is short tell me now”

Then it clicked into place the man was a vampire and he hadn’t been kissing the boy at all and the monster dog was a vampire too.

“Make me yours”.

She was terrified but let him take her, the sharp pain in the neck the sucking of the blood that tasted so good and then the awakening into a vampire.

He had taken her to the Brighton vampire house and there she had been for the past year.


Her life had been a boring one she had never done anything exciting, she had never even been aboard which she now hoped to do one day as a vampire.

Maybe as time went on she would get the power to fly just like her master he had told her once that the longer you lived as a vampire the stronger your powers became.

She believed that too and one day she would be able to fly and go anywhere she wished.

She had two boyfriends when she was alive, one she had kissed and that was it, she dumped him when she found out he was shagging someone else at school.

The other one had lasted a few months but he always wanted sex and she wasn’t going to have sex until she was married she had been brought up with the church and her family were strong Christian believers going to church every Sunday.

But she had seen the boys cock it wasn’t very big and she had wanked it for him and he had spurted all over her bed and her hand she had to clean up the bloody mess.

After that she had wanked him into a tissue and once had even put his cock in her mouth but she didn’t like that and she didn’t want that stuff going down her throat either.

She had ended it with him and he went straight for some other girl who was willing to drop her knickers.

Then a few months later she had been at the party and that as they say is history.


This night she decided to go to the cinema on her own she often went and it was so good to see films that were filmed in the bright sun, she could see it without the sun burning her body.

She loved to watch movies that had beach scenes in them, she had forgotten how good it was to lay on a beach and just sun bath.

She had done it many times in Brighton beach, even going to the nudist beach once and taking her top off, she and her friend thought it was hilarious seeing the old men with their little shriveled dicks walking about.

She sat back in her cinema seat and waited for the start of the movie, she could hear a couple kissing in the back row and she could hear a couple arguing quickly at the front.

The movie started and see leaned back and enjoyed the film was hangover two; the first one had been so funny she loved that movie.

She enjoyed the second movie just as much as the first and was pleased that Mike Tyson turned up at the end again, she had always followed Tyson then though his career was at an end by the time she was a fan.

She got up from her seat and then noticed the old man watching her, he sat at the back of her and she read his mind, it was cloudy to say the least some people she couldn’t read well and he was one of them.

But he wanted her that much was obvious, she smiled at him as she walked out .let the old bastard try.


She waited for the old man, he had grey hair that was thinning and he had an unkempt beard that looked like birds nested in it.

He smelt of BO and she smelt him before she saw him, his van was close by so she walked towards it. As she passed the van the old man grabbed her from behind.

She didn’t scream she was enjoying this, she let him man handle her and then she was pushed into the front of the van and he closed the front door behind him.

He pushed a button and the doors locked then he started the engine and drove off.

He looked at her and licked his lips.

“We are going to have some fun with you little girl”.

He thought she was a school girl and she did look like one, it sometimes got on her nerves that she looked so young but it times like this it was fun.

“Please what are you going to do to me mister”?

‘Oh you will love it little girl me and my four friends are going to split you in half”.

He drove on thinking how his mates were going to pat him on the back for this one the little girl was so cute they would love her.

He was going to take her first when he got her back to the house, he was going to fuck her arse and make her drink his cum,he was getting hard just thinking about it.

“Are you going to fuck my arse”?

She could read him a little better now.

He turned to her.

“What did you say little girl”.

“I said are you going to fuck my arse with your tiny cock”.

He starred at her his mouth open, he stopped the van as he nearly ran someone down on the zebra crossing.

The man waved his fist at the driver and the driver wiped sweat away from his brow.

“Get it out now and let me have a look”, she said to him.

“I’m going to fuck you now in the back”.

There was a panel behind the seats and he pulled the van over to the curb and slides back the panel.

He grabbed me and pushed me in the back of the van, I let him do this and then he joined me in the back he closed the panel and turned on a light.

“Okay little girl now it’s time for the pain”, he undid his belt and let his trousers drop to the floor, he pulled down his boxers and his little cock stood up in front of me.

I laughed and said.

“Is that it”?

He went bright red and I saw the rage in his eyes.

I looked at him and said.

“Put your cock in my mouth”.

He nodded his head I had him under my spell.

I opened my mouth and my fangs came out, he put his cock in my mouth and I bit down my fangs going into his shaft.

He stood there as I drank his blood and then he collapsed when he had lost too much, I wiped my mouth and smiled at him he was almost dead.

“Bye bye pervert”.

I stepped out of the van and thought with all my will powers and then after a few seconds the van caught alight, I watched as the fire burnt the van.

It was late and I hurried back to the vampire house maybe I would deal with his pervert mates tomorrow.


C Louis DeCourt 2013

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