Vinnie is a vampire living in the London vampire house.This is his short story since he was made by his master Louis.


1. Whole short story




Vinnie lived in one of the London house’s he had been a vampire for three years now ever since his master had made him, he often thought of Louis and how good a master he was.

He would come and visit every now and then and now he had that huge dog Ben, the thing was a monster.

Vinnie was six feet tall and skinny to go with it, he had brown short hair and green eyes that human girls used to love, he was a handsome man and his life had been cut short at twenty six.

He now of course lived the other life the life of the undead, he would live forever that’s if he didn’t get too bored, he heard that when vampires got bored they went underground so to speak and slept.

Letting their bodies wither and go dry the blood of the human was the only thing that could wake them from their slumber.

The twenty six years as a human had been up and down, he had grown up in a nice home and his parents were good to him and his brother Michael.

His brother had been two years younger and he was a bit off the rails, he would stay out all weekend drinking with his mates and only come home on Sunday night ready to go to work at the local supermarket where he worked on the grocery section filling up the shelves.

Nothing wrong with that he liked his job and it paid for his boozy weekends that was for sure, when Vinnie had been alive he had never seen his brother with a girl but he knew he wasn’t gay he just had to calm down first and stop the drinking binges.

Vinnie on the other hand had a few girlfriends and when he had been made he had been going out with a nice blonde girl called Sharon.


His first girlfriend had been Jenny and she was such a bitch he had been eighteen and she had been twenty, she ruled him for the six months they went out, he lost most of his confidence and she stepped on him all the time putting him down at every opportunity

The sex had been good but again she would dictate how it all went and she never used to suck his cock,she done it once and that was it, he would love to see her now he take her and make her his bitch but it wasn’t his job to make others.

Only if it was necessary, then he had gone out with Lucy she had been nice a lot better than Jenny and he had stayed with her for two years in the end she went to college far away and they called it a day, he had been sad and didn’t see another girl until Sharon.

Louis had let Vinnie go to his own funeral, Louis had made him one night and had him taken to the mortuary, and then they had filled the coffin with bricks.

Vinnie had watched his own funeral from inside some bushes the day had been rainy and over cast so he was able to stay out in it.

He read the minds of his brother he was sad but now he could have Vinnie’s old room which was bigger than his, nice one brother he had thought.

Then he got a big shock but now he didn’t have any human feelings but it was still a kind of shock, Sharon was fucking his best mate behind his back, she was sad but now she could go off with Paul what a bitch.

His mother was the saddest he was the eldest and her favorite he smiled he had loved his dear mother but now he had a new life.


How had he been made well it was a rainy night in march Vinnie remembered it well, he walked Sharon home and they kissed for a long time in the rain, he didn’t mind the rain water running down his face and he enjoyed kissing her.

They parted and he said good bye, he walked down the dark streets and then paused by an alley way he had seen a shadow back at the far end.

He was going to walk away when a handsome man stepped into the light of the street lamp, he smiled at Vinnie his face was so pale but with his long dark hair he was so handsome.

“Hello my friend”.

Then he had followed the man back down the alley, he didn’t know why but he couldn’t stop himself he had to follow the handsome man.

Louis had taken him in his arms and fed from him, he had been almost dead when he felt a wet substance on his lips at first he was repulsed but then it tasted so good he drank more.

He was in agony as his old body died and then he looked at the dark with his vampire eyes for the first time it was wonderous, everything seemed so much clearer.

Louis had taken him to a vampire house after the funeral, it was in London near Tottenham court road, the place was huge and had a basement where all the vampires slept and that’s where he had been for the last three years, and he got on well with all the other vampires.

Feeding was done at a farm just outside London it didn’t take long for a vampire to get there and he would feed on cows or pigs never draining them they would be rotated.

On this night Vinnie was bored and decided to go for a walk, he told the vampire in charge of the Tottenham house Lenny and off he went.


He had walked perhaps a hundred yards when the skies opened up and it began to rain of course being a vampire he didn’t mind the rain after all he wasn’t going to get ill from it.

He walked on and came to the park all was dark inside and he could hear a couple making out, he wanted to listen it could be fun.

He went into the park and found the couple sitting on a swing in the kiddie’s playground; he climbed a tree quickly and sat on a branch watching them.

The boy was kissing the girl and rubbing her breast, she only had tiny tits and the boy was getting so hot he had a huge cock which was as hard as iron.

The girl put her hand on his trousers and felt the monster; she took her hand away and said,”Oh my god that’s huge”.

The boy grinned in the darkness.

“Yes baby and it’s all yours”.

The girl was only thirteen and still a virgin she had sucked a boy off before and swallowed but had never had sex.

“No way are you putting that in me”, she stood up.

Now the boy was turning nasty.

“You fucking cock tease I’m going to teach you a fucking lesson”.

I came down from the tree and stood between him and the girl, one second he was looking at the girl the next he saw me standing there the look if shock on his face was priceless.

“Who the fuck are you”.

“I’m her guardian angel fuck face”.

The girl stood watching by the tree I had come down.

The boy went to hit me and I easy moved out of the way he fell down to the ground and cursed.

“You fucking wanker”, he got to his feet.

I hit him hard on the chin and he went flat on his back, you know we vampires should take up boxing we would never lose.

The girl moved to my side and held my arm.

“Thank you so much”.

“You’re welcome” I said and then disappeared I moved to quickly for the human eye to see.

I went to the farm after that and had my fill of cow’s blood.


C Louis DeCourt 2013

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