Lost Love & Balloons

Kate is broken, because of her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her. She don't want to do anything at all because of him, but her best friend Melissa forces her to get up and keep living her life. Melissa and Kate are going to a concert, where things happen and her ex appears in front of her, almost screwing up, her life back to hole she have been in for the last two weeks because of him.


4. Underneath the balloons


I were done running, I couldn't run any longer now, I fell on the pavement, scrabing me knee but I didn't care, I sat up trying to breath proper. Why? I was finally over him, and then.. Bam, he mess it up once again? I tried to stop my tears from falling, but it was not as easy as you should think. Anyways I got them stopped after a little while, i hugged my knees, not knowing what to do, so I just sat there. 

After a while I heard footsteps, I didn't look up, I didn't care who came I wouldn't say a word anyway. I felt the footsteps sat down beside me, and then I saw a teddy bear and a chocolate heart laying in front of my feet. God, it was him, it couldn't be true, no way! I looked up from my knees carefully, and truly enough I saw him sitting there looking at me, with a glimt of worry in his eyes, no it couldn't be true, it was probtaly just something I emagined, I blinked with my eyes a couple of times, but it really looked like he was concerned, but he didn't say anything, so I guess he's just angry because I humiliated him infront of all those people. I didn't care, it was all his fault, right from the very beginning. He opened his mouth like he wanted to say something, but then he closed it again, i sighted deeply, looking away from him again, he could just leave right away if he didn't have anything proper to say to me.

"I love you, Kate." He said slowly, I looked at him furrowing my eyebrows, yeah right, and thats why he slept with that Monster of a girl. "Cheesy" I said cooly, "didn't she want you anyway?" He looked at me, with a glimt of hurt in his eyes, I looked puzzled at him, no why the f*** should he be hurt, he didn't care about me at all. "She was a mistake, there haven't gone a day where I didn't think about you, and I haven't regret. I regretted every day, I was drunk and I will never drink again if that is what you like, I will never look at another girl if that's what you want, I'll dump all my friends if you ask me to, because all I want is you." He said, I looked at him, "well maybe you should have thought about that before,because for me it didn't look like I was the only one you want." He sat whith his back against mine, looking at me with praying eyes, I took a short look up at the balloons, he was kind of sweet, I mean he did that for me, and he humiliated him self in front of all those people, I looked at him again. "I am so sorry, Kate. I really am, and I would do anything for you, to let you know how horrible I feel about this. I just want you'r love." I looked at him, if I hadn't been so angry with him, I would have started laughing now, it sounded so cheesy, nothing like him, like if it was something taken out right from a movie, but he defiantely wasn't that kind of boy who told you every day thay he was in love with you, and stuff like that, he was the right opposite, I had only once in my life heard from him that he loved me, besides this, so 2 now. 

"You know how muck I hate you in this very moment, I really thought you would be the one I should marry." I heard my self say, he looked at me with a puzzled impression in his face. "And if it wasn't because I don't think I can live my life without you, I would never ever had forgiven you, but..." I trailed off, I liked the pained look on his face, he deserved it. He really did. But then I started again; "but I love you too Jake. And I will give you one more shot, if you schrew up one more time, I will never see you, and you have no right to say you love me because, if you do love me, you won't cheat on me." I said, feeling even better that when I pushed the monster in the fountain. He smiled relieved. "Oh god, Kate. You are the best." I didn't smile, I couldn't I just looked at him with a not so happy look in my face I quess.

But then I started laughing, this was so not like us, yeah we were a cute couple everyone knew that, but also everyone knew we weren't the cheesy kind of couple we, didn't do like this. He looked puzzled but started to laugh nervous with me. I stopped slowly looking at him, feeling a bit better. "Let's forget about this for now and go back to the concert?"

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