Lost Love & Balloons

Kate is broken, because of her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her. She don't want to do anything at all because of him, but her best friend Melissa forces her to get up and keep living her life. Melissa and Kate are going to a concert, where things happen and her ex appears in front of her, almost screwing up, her life back to hole she have been in for the last two weeks because of him.


2. The Monster


Thursday afternoon Melissa and I, were out shopping. Yes I was shopping, even through I was devistaded Melissa was right, I couldn't hide from public all my life. And actually we were have a great time, laughing, talking, even trying clothes, we were looking for clothes to the concert Saturday night. I had found some awesome shoes and Melissa had found her dress when we walked to the next store, we had to walk past the fountain to get there, and since we were kids everytime we walked past the fountain we had to stop and step up the 'wall' around it acting like we were flying over the oceans, I don't know why we still did that, you know it was childish, but we had so much fun doing it. Everytime we were dying of laughter of the people staring at us all puzzled and amused, but this time just as we stepped up I saw her. I tried to look the other way, tried to have fun with Melissa as we have had the whole day, but i couldn't. 

I didn't know what I was doing or why, it was actually just kinda happening, I ran to her, looked at her furious that she even were out in public, she was a monster and she didn't even bother. When she layed her eyes on me, her face twisted into a evil smile, she looked like a monster directly her big and green face, the white teeths sticking out of her mouth like she would eat anyone on her way, and her eyes black, black and narrow, a shiver ran thourgh my body. The monster opened its mouth; "Well who we have here? Kate. Have you seen anything to Jake lately?" She tilted her head, looking at me with an amused look. I didn't bother to answer this monster, I felt Melissa on my side, I heard she wizzled something to the devil, but I didn't hear what. 

I slapped her in the face, harsh that you can believe, my finger print was even on her cheek, "that was for sleeping with my....." I trailed of, he wasn't even my boyfriend anymore. I slapped her another time right in the stummack this time, with a fist, she looked at me with even more narrowed eyes if possible, then I don't know what happened to me I really couldn't do anything about it, I just pushed her in the fountain, "and that was for messing with my life." I took Melissas arm and walked away from her, without looking back at the monster screaming in the fountain. It felt good.

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