Lost Love & Balloons

Kate is broken, because of her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her. She don't want to do anything at all because of him, but her best friend Melissa forces her to get up and keep living her life. Melissa and Kate are going to a concert, where things happen and her ex appears in front of her, almost screwing up, her life back to hole she have been in for the last two weeks because of him.


3. The Concert


Melissa and I were now ready for the concert, we looked adorable, both of us, if I didn't know me I wouldn't think I was a broken heart. But anyway I felt better that I had been for weeks, I was good looking, I had Melissa at my side, and I gave the Monster what it deserved. For a week ago I would be laughing if anyone had told me I were going to a concert this weekend looking amazing, laughing my but off, and all that stuff. Last time I did this was when I was with him. "Kate, you look faboulus, like me, will you be my date tonight?" Melissa asked, i send her a huge smile, "of course, and you'r not that bad looking either." I answered, trying to hold my laughter away. I were happy again.

When we came to the park, there weren't many people yet, we stood up almost in front, and it was quite awesome, I saw the monster standing in first row but I didn't care about her.In the end I guess it's ending with her crying. 

About half an hour later the park was filled up with exited teenagers, I couldn't help but think if he was here. But I put that thought in the back if my head, because a man stepped out on the scene now, he talked a bit and then introduced the first one to play. It wasen't famous people to play in this concert, but they were god, and isn't that the only thing who really matters? Maybe one day they will be famous, and then I can say I saw them before they got famous. I had a perfect time with Melissa, dancing and jumping and screaming like nothing matters in life. I didn't even notice him in first place, but it didn't take me a long time, he was playing on the scene now, Jake always been an amazing singer and he played guitar, he wrote his own songs, and he used to play them all to me at first, but this one I've never heard, I didn't jump or anything now, I just stood still listening to him, trying not to cry.

What happened next is kind of touche, I guess? When he was finish playing this man, came running in to him with a bunch of pink ballons, a chokolate heart and this adorable teddy bear, Jake took it at stood at the edge of the scene, he looked over the crowd, like he were looking for some one, then his eyes felt on me, he smiled a small smile, "Kate, your here." I looked at him with no feelings shown on my face, then he talked on, a little nervous, he said he was sorry, he said he had been a jerk, and all he really wanted was me. God damn, everyone was listening this was too embarresing.

Then I started moving i pushed people out of my way, not bothering to say sorry, and when I was out of the crowd I started running, I heard him schream my name, but I just kept running, the tears pushing their way out.

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