She will be loved

Sarah is depressed so she started cutting herself, but after winning a meet and greet with One Direction, Niall falls hard for Sarah. She stopped cutting a while ago but he notices her scars. Then suddenly all the boys fall in love with her, but she can only have one of them. Who will she choose?

A/N: Chapters will be posted at different times during any day.


2. Listening to the radio

Finally school ended! Now I get to go home and listen. 
When I got home I turned the radio on and I carefully listened to all that the man said.  
"After this last song we will announce the winner, and remember, you get to spend a whole day with One Direction after their meet and greet." the man on the radio said.
The time finally came and they announced. 
"We will now announce the winner. Well actually we chose two girls because we liked then both. Now back to business. And the first winner of a days worth of spending with One Direction is, Cheyenne Harris!"
My heart dropped at that name. Cheyenne Harris! That was the cool girl! Oh no! But wait there could be one more chance. 
"Congratulations Cheyenne Harris! Now I know that you have been waiting to hear the second girl who wins the next spot. And the winner is, Sarah Brooks!" 
Wait that couldn't be right! Me really? Then he said it again.
"Congratulations to Cheyenne Harris and Sarah Brooks for winning the two spots! We have your numbers and we will call you during the next songs!"
OMG!! It was true!!! I gave out a little scream because I didn't want my neighbor coming over to see if anything is going on. And sure enough in about five minutes after that I got an unknown call. I answered it hoping that all of this was true. 

"Hello?" I said. 

"Hello I am Dennis Reese. The man from the radio station called Heart FM are you Sarah Brooks?" The man named Dennis said. 

"Y-yeah" I said. 

"Great so if you can give us an email address for more information to send you that would be great!"

"umm.. Ok." I said

I gave him my email address and immediately I got an email from Heart FM. I was so exited I ran to my neighbor called Ms. Suzy and told her everything. She was my only best friend that I could turn to. I knew that there was still hope, and there was. 

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