She will be loved

Sarah is depressed so she started cutting herself, but after winning a meet and greet with One Direction, Niall falls hard for Sarah. She stopped cutting a while ago but he notices her scars. Then suddenly all the boys fall in love with her, but she can only have one of them. Who will she choose?

A/N: Chapters will be posted at different times during any day.


4. Hello there

Finally we were here! I was so exited, but I also had lots of butterflies in my stomach because of Cheyenne. Ms. Stacy said she would pick me up when the day was over. I thanked her for driving me and walked towards the door. There were a few fans all around the building screaming and shouting:

"I love you One Direction!" 

Then they all started singing What Makes You Beautiful. It was pretty early in the morning like 7am and these girls were out here in the cold.

 I walked around them and found Dennis Reese (the man on the radio station). He was much taller than I expected. He had short blond hair and looked like he was in his early 20s. He asked for my ID just to make sure that I was Sarah Brooks and he let me inside. We walked through a long hallway then turned into a room. When we walked through the door and I saw Cheyenne sitting down on a couch on her IPhone. I sat next to her but not to close so she wouldnt hurt me. Then Dennise said that the boys would be in, in about 3 minutes. We both said ok and he left the room. I sat down and we looked at each other but didnt talk.After about 30 seconds Cheyenne went back to texting or whatever she was doing on her phone. I just sat there not knowing what to do. Then after 5 minutes the boys came in and we both stood up. Cheyenne put her phone in her back pocket an went up to them first. They each gave her a hug and asked what her name was. 

"My name is Cheyenne Harris" she said. 

"Nice name!" Said Harry. 

Then they came over to me and exchanged hugs.  They asked me what my name was. 

"My name is Sarah Brooks" I said. 

"Wow" said Niall in his deep irish accent. "You girls have very pretty names!"

Then we both by accident said "Thanks" at a the same time. We all st down and started talking. While I was talking to Zayn, Liam and Louis, I looke over and I saw Cheyenne talking to Niall and Harry. But something caught my eye. Niall was staring at me. After about a minute Niall  excused himself and walked over to us. He told Zayn, Liam and Louis to go talk to Cheyenne with Harry. They did what he asked then he sat down next to me. He said 

"Hi. So your Sarah right?" He asked. 

"Yeah" I said shyly. 

"Your really pretty." He said turning read a little. 

I blused red when he said that.

"Oh thanks." Smiling. 

We all took turns talking to all of the boys and after we all talked to each of the boys Dennis came back and said: 

"Ok boys, and girls, we are going to go out in the rage and you can all like have fun there a little bit. It will just be you guys all alone. Is that ok?" He asked 

"That sounds great!" Louis said. 

We all walked out I the empty stage and laughed and had some fun playing around for another hour. This was the best day ever! 

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