She will be loved

Sarah is depressed so she started cutting herself, but after winning a meet and greet with One Direction, Niall falls hard for Sarah. She stopped cutting a while ago but he notices her scars. Then suddenly all the boys fall in love with her, but she can only have one of them. Who will she choose?

A/N: Chapters will be posted at different times during any day.


3. Getting ready

*Two days after*
When I woke up this morning  I looked at my calendar I realized that today was the day. My neighbor was sitting in my living room reading a book waiting for me to get ready because she was going to take me to the Meet and Greet. I quickly got ready and went back downstairs. I was squealing with joy! But then I remembered that I wasn't the only one going to be there.

*The day before at school*
I was walking around when I bumped into someone.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" I said

"Ya you should be!" Said the girl.

I looked up and I saw her. It was Cheyenne. 

"So I heard you are also going to spend a day with One Direction and me." She said

"umm..Ya I am." I said

"Well guess what. You better stay away from Niall because he is mine! Oh ya, and also the rest of the boys."

*Back to reality*
I remembered everything that she said that day, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from having the best day of my life.  We walked to the car and started driving to the place where One Direction was going to be. I really hope something magical will happen today. Something that will change my life forever.

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