She will be loved

Sarah is depressed so she started cutting herself, but after winning a meet and greet with One Direction, Niall falls hard for Sarah. She stopped cutting a while ago but he notices her scars. Then suddenly all the boys fall in love with her, but she can only have one of them. Who will she choose?

A/N: Chapters will be posted at different times during any day.


5. Can I ask you a question

As the day came to an end when Dennis came in.

"Sorry to interrupt you guys, but the day is over. Its 9 o'clock." he said

We all got up and Harry and Cheyenne were the the first people to leave the room. The rest of the boys followed then it was me and Niall. Everyone had gone out of the room, and as soon as we were about to exit the room Niall pulled me back and said:

"Hey Sarah wait up!" He said.

I stopped and turned around and said, "Yeah?"

"Can I ask you a question?" he asked

"Um.. ya." I said 

"Well umm..I-I.. um.. I just wanted to know if.. um.. you maybe wanted to go out sometime?"

My face turned red and then I said,

"Umm.. Ya! Sure. I'd love to." 

We exchanged numbers and we said goodbye and he gave me a kiss on my cheek. I blushed hard and smiled. He smiled back and we said bye. I walked outside and saw Ms. Suzy. When I got into the car she asked me lots of questions like:

"How did it go?" and "Did anything happen?" ext.

Then I said "YES! Everything went fine! And even something exiting happened."

"Ooh! and what would that be?"

"Well..." I said.

"Come on. Spit it out"

"Well...Niall... he kind of..umm.. asked me out." 

"OOH!!! Really!! That is very exiting." 

"Ya it was"

We drove for a long time and I started thinking about that kiss. It felt sweet. Am I starting to fall for him?

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