The Tracks

One Shot: Jazmyn walks home everyday from school along the train tracks with her boyfriend. What happens when her boyfriend is sick one day and she walks along them alone. Read to find out...


1. Music Is All I Hear

Jazmyn's POV

I was walking up to my boyfriend George and gave him a kiss. We wondered through the school hand in hand with our fingers intertwined. It was snowing. The trees were covered with flakes and it looked like a wonderland. Everything in my life seemed to be perfect! George and I were walking out of the school and through the trees into the forest like w e do every day. Today seemed to be different. Sort of like, I needed to make to most of it but I didn't understand the feeling and just ignored it. I let go of his had and skipped along the tracks. George wondered by my side. smiling from ear to ear. I looked at him suspiciously and hugged him tight with a smile growing wildly on my face. He hugged back just as tight.

"I never want to let you go, babe." He mumbled into my coat.

I laughed and hit him playfully.

"And you'll never have to because I'm not going anywhere." I replied.

We came to my house and he kissed me goodbye.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow morning, babe!" He shouted as he walked out of the gate. I nodded and giggled when he tripped over a pile of snow. He got up and acted like it never happened, waved and said goodbye. 


*  *  *


It was the morning and I got myself ready. I was walking out the door and noticed George wasn't there to pick me up. I checked my phone and saw a text form George sent and 5:37am this morning. I glanced at it. He was sick and couldn't come to get me today. He told me to have a good day at school. I smiled and out the phone away. 


*  *  *


It was weird not walking home with George. I felt lonely. I pulled my MP3 out of my bag and plugged my head phones in. Suddenly Macklemore's song "The Wings" came on and I turned up the sound. It was on full blast. I couldn't hear anything and nothing bothered me. The snow became heavier. It got really cold and I could feel a wind coming. Suddenly a gush of wind came from behind me. I heard a horn but I ignored it as it sounded like it was in the back of the song. I didn't feel right. I soon felt unsafe after the wind and snow and horn. I quickly turned around thinking I was being followed. I gasped and a train hit me. I stared screaming out in pain while it was running over me. That's all I remember. Then I woke up in hospital. Started to slowly die. I am in the hospital now. So many people around me. Strangers. Then a familiar voice said my name. It was George. I smiled at the sound of his voice. But it started to fade. Tears ran down his and my own face. The doctors crowded around me plugging me into machines and shouting things at each other. The last thing I heard was George shout my name at the top of his voice. And then I saw darkness...

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