Not Letting You Go

Bella and Niall met in year 6, until then they have fallen in love. But things have to change since Niall has to move away and never see the love of his life again...


3. Some Great News

You and Niall have finished school but Niall still lives with his mum as he cannot afford his own apartment. He visited you all the time, it was like he lived there, but you didn't mind. You loved having him around, you still get butterflies when you see him. Today he had called you, saying hes coming over with great news. You ran around your apartment quickly tidying up. You knew he didn't mind if your place was messy, he was just happy to be there.

You heard a knock on the door. "coming!" you yelled as you literally ran to the door. You opened it seeing Niall with a proud smile. "So? whats the news?" you asked. "well.." he said as a tease while he walked over to your couch and sat down. You sat down next to him and he held your hand. You could just see the excitement in his eyes. "well... i... am going to be auditioning for the X Factor!" He said excitedly as he held out his arms for a hug. "Omg! Niall that's great! I'm so proud of you!" you said as you gave him a giant, warm hug. You always knew Niall was a good singer, and you supported him  to improve. Being a singer was his dream, and you were so happy for him since now it's the start of something wonderful. "So, to celebrate, i'm taking you out to dinner" he said. You were now even  more excited. Your heart was racing and your head and stomach was exploding with fireworks at the thought of Niall being on the X Factor.

"So why don't you go get ready, but no makeup, and ill quickly go home to get changed then i'll pick you up." he suggested. "sounds good." you say in approval. Niall gets up from the couch and starts walking out the door. "see you soon!" he yelled out to you. "see ya!" you called back to him. You walked to your room and opened your wardrobe door. After finally deciding you chose a purple dress with lots of silver wavy lines on it and the purple fading into a blue at the bottom, and a purple and blue ribbon just below the chest. And then some purple heels with a rose-like ribbon on the side of the ankle. You walked into your bathroom, laying out all your hair accessories, and decided to just have it curled, falling past your shoulders, and a pretty silver rose accessory in your hair. Even though he said not to, you put on a little makeup, but not too much. You then soon heard Niall walk through your door (he has the key to your apartment.) "i'm back! ready to go?" he called out. You finish putting on your mascara and you walk out of your bathroom to see Niall standing there in a very handsome tux.

"wow you look... absolutely beautiful" Niall said as you could see his jaw drop a bit. "but i told you no makeup!" he said sweetly.He holds your hand and walks you to the car. He opened your side of the car like a gentleman as you sat down in his black car. "thank you" you said. Niall walked around to his side and got in. You drove 15 minutes talking about the X Factor while he held your hand when he was driving." 

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