Not Letting You Go

Bella and Niall met in year 6, until then they have fallen in love. But things have to change since Niall has to move away and never see the love of his life again...


1. Primary School

"Class, there is a new student in our class. Meet Niall Horan" A cute 12 year old stood infront of the class, obviously feeling a little embarrassed. The teacher walks him over to a  spare seat next to you. He had his pencil case and books in his hands and sat down. "hey, i'm Bella" you say to him. "hi, i'm Niall" he says with an Irish accent. He has blue eyes, blonde wavy hair and a soft looking face, with a cheeky yet shy smile. "so where are you from?" you ask him. "i'm from Ireland, my mum got a job here in Australia, so we moved here." he answered. "oh so are you just living with your mum?" you ask. "yeah, my parents got divorced when i was 5, So i live with my mum and my older brother Greg." he says. It already feels like you know everything about him, and you can feel a weird connection with him. You and Niall soon became best friends. Until you start to see Niall Differently in year 9.

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