Not Letting You Go

Bella and Niall met in year 6, until then they have fallen in love. But things have to change since Niall has to move away and never see the love of his life again...


5. Hospital

You quickly call 000. After the call you sit there with Niall. Tears are streaming down your face. "Just hold on. They are coming." you whispered, holding his hand. 

You were now sitting on the hospital chair next to Niall. He looked so peaceful, with a calm and stress-less face. The only thing in the room that's keeping your hopes up is the heart machine next to his bed, beeping every time his heart does. Tears were finding their way down your cheek. You held his hand as he lay there, unconscious. You hear the door of the room open. "Hello Bella, How are you?" the nurse asks. You are too upset to answer, you just look at her with the saddest expression, and turned away back to Niall. "i have some bad news..." The nurse said. What was wrong? What happened? Will he last? You feel like your whole world is crashing down ontop of you. "i'm so sorry to say this... but, there is a 60% chance of him not making it. When he took the hit to his face, it dramatically caused serious injury to the head, which had effected his brain. I'm sorry" she said. It literally felt like your heart was dropped into a powerful blender, being cut up to millions of pieces. You still had that 40% chance of hope. But you still couldn't take the news. "i will leave you alone now" The nurse said politely as she walked out the door, closing it behind her. More tears poured down your face like a river. You leaned across and gave Niall a kiss on the forehead. "I love you" you whispered. "please don't leave me" you cried softly, as you laid your head on his chest. You sat up and whispered "if you can hear me, squeeze my hand. It's right there, holding yours." You cried when you got no answer. Tears built up in your eyes until....

*beep* *beep* .........................................

No! His heart has stopped! "Nurse! Doctor! Get in here!" you cried out. "Don't leave me here. I can't go on without you!" You cried to him. "I love you! i'm not letting you go!" you sobbed. You cried on his chest. "I love you" you said. You have given up. Niall was gone.


The last thing you want to do is his one wish, to hear you sing. He always wanted to hear it, but you never did.


You know i'll be

your life, your voice your reason to be

my love, my heart

is breathing for this

moment in time

i'll find the words to say

before you leave me today


You cried one last time onto his chest. When you hear something. *beep* *beep*, you felt a squeeze of your hand. "That was beautiful" Niall smiles down at you.

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