Not Letting You Go

Bella and Niall met in year 6, until then they have fallen in love. But things have to change since Niall has to move away and never see the love of his life again...


4. Great Date. Or Not...

After finally arriving at your restaurant, you walk in with Niall, holding his hand. Niall has already made a reservation there so we got to our table quickly. We were shown to an outside table on a balcony. The table had a white cloth over it, with a round candle, a clear vase containing 2 roses, and most importantly, a view of the whole entire city infront of you.

Niall held out your seat gesturing for you to sit down. You sat down and then he pushed in your chair. Then he sat himself, while the two of you look out at the view. "it's beautiful" you say to him. "Not as beautiful as you, Bella" he said so sweetly. You blushed and smiled at the ground. You ordered your food and shortly it arrived. When you finished you shared a little trifle with Niall for dessert. It was a surprise to see Niall actually sharing his food. When you finished, Niall payed the bill and walked out to the street. Your car was parked about 30 metres down the road. You and Niall were just walking when..

"Bella! my girl! Gimme a kiss!" you heard. You turned around to see your drunk ex, Eric. You broke up because he was such a jerk and saw you as an object. He pushed you up against the wall, without taking any notice to Niall. He kissed you hard, shoving his tongue in your mouth, then staring at your chest, licking his lips and pushing himself right against you. You saw the anger all over Niall's face, with his hands in a rock hard fist. "GET THE F*** OFF HER B****!" Niall yelled in a scary, defending voice. Eric kept going and ran his hand up your thigh. Niall then swung a punch to the side of Eric,s head. Knocking him off you. Eric got furious and smashed Niall in the face, knocking him back with a bleeding nose. "Niall!' You screamed. "get off him" you demanded loudly, holding back Erics arms. Niall took a swing to his temple, which caused him to pass out. Eric collapsed to the floor. "Niall! Are you okay?!" you you asked Niall, worried. His face went white, then you saw Niall collapse to the ground.

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