Our moment

Every human being might go through different things in life but over all we are all the same. We are all born, we all sin, we all laugh, we all cry and we all leave the world the same way. This moment, this time, this poem is something that will become history but for now it is the present and what we all are striving for is a better tomorrow.


1. This moment

Everyone goes through the circle of life,
Born with eyes shut and screaming with strife.
Tenderly nurtured by those who do care,
Eyes rest for four months, breathing puffs of air.
Eyes open slowly and color fills the scene,
With poison like chemicals intoxicating the being.
But some eyes will open and see no rich light,
For some when eyes open is blacker then night.

We hear different sounds and smell different things,
We learn how to walk and we learn how to speak.
For some do not smell and for some do not walk,
For some do not see and some do not talk.
We experience things in life which make us who we are,
Some things will embrace us while others will hit us hard.
Some of us walk and feel the shapes around us,
Some are smooth and gentle while others are sharp to warn us.
Some of us are born with no legs or no sight,

While others are born with riches and delight.
Some of us become taller and other things shall change,
While others stay the same height and are considered as quite strange.
Some people meet others who are considered friends,
While some people meet others who hurt us to wits end.
But for all of us are born with no eye sight at first,
Hearing things that delight us that will not later on.

To be born is to breathe in the air that we share,
As an ancestor it fills us with hope, life and care.
We all grow and mature in different shapes and forms,
Some speed ahead while others don't start it at all.
Some of us are toned and are considered black,
While others have fair skin and are considered white,
Some of us have a tan and are considered fake,
While some alter their skin tone so they don't receive hate.

Where one of us laughs another one cries,
As soon as there's a birth, another one dies.
We all enter the world at different times and days,
Some will be tomorrow and some will be today.
History is made as we grow up and become strong,
While others take their lives for reasons that deem wrong.
Some people will love another more then a friend,
While another will be destroyed by the other person does fend.

Yesterday was history and things were recorded through life,
Some lives were delivered, while others were shaken and untied.
Lives are given and taken all the same,
One fact is that our fate cannot be altered or changed,
No matter what all of us go through,
In the end we are all the same.
One day we will all be history,
And so will our friends and our lives,
The things that we said were forever,
Will perish with the friendships made by,
You and I have cried once,
Both of us have breathed the air,
We have both laughed at something amusing,
Whilst our hearts and lungs fluttered with air.

We are all the same and no different,
We all will die one day,
Instead of pondering on memories,
Run forward and make some today.
For one day all of us will leave the earth,
The same way we were brought to life,
Losing our senses momentarily,
And making our ways to the light.

This is our moment.

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