A forbidden love? Should it be forbidden to love someone older than you? Is it forbidden to love your English teacher? What is Emma going to do when her life is turned upside down because of the person she loves?


2. Chapter Two

Emma's P.O.V

I hadn't seen Zayn since the beach. I got his number but, I am too anxious to text or call him. But I have to get over my fear and just text him. " Hey, want to get some coffee one of these days?" It felt like it was an eternity. I was walking back and forth in my room. And then, the phone started ringing, I was scared. What if he was calling me to tell me to leave him alone, that I was only a one night stand? But, i answered anyways. I was completely shocked with what he said. He said he would love to go get some coffee. Zayn, " I'm available for coffee right now. Do you want to meet up in half in hour at capulus tabernam amoris?" " Sure, of course, i'd love to! half an hour? I'll totally be there!" Oh my god I sounded like a total idiot, I bet he totally thought I sounded like a complete dork! OMG, I have to get ready! I need to look really cute for him but, I can't make it seem like I tried too hard. I decided to go with my cutest Hollister jeans and my cutest Forever 21 t-shirt and jacket and my favorite nude wedges.


Zayn's P.O.V

I really like Emma, but i'm not sure if she likes me. I know the guy is suppose to make the first move by texting her first, but I didn't really know how to approach her. *phone vibrates* YES! She texted first! *reads text* Oh, I can take her to that new Latin coffee shop right downtown! I really want to see her beautiful big brown eyes. They are the only things on my mind also her smile and the way she smells like vanilla. I've never felt like this before except with my ex-girlfriend Penelope. I was head over heels for that girl in high school. But she broke my heart when I caught her making out with my best friend. 10 days after I proposed to her. I was devastated but I knew I had to move on. And, now Emma is in my mind ever since that night at the beach and I think I really might like to get to know this beautiful girl. Now, I need to get ready for my coffee date with Emma. 


Zayn showed up to the coffee shop and got a seat for two outside because it was a gorgeous day outside, he doesn't want to waste it inside. Emma showed up and saw Zayn looking so gorgeous. She got a little turned on when she saw him. Flashing back to the day at the beach. she snapped out of it and sat down with him. "Hey Emma, you're looking great today!" You look handsome too!" Emma and Zayn started talking about themselves and then started talking about their favorite subject, which was English. He said he just graduated and he was top of his English class.  Emma said she was going to be the top of her class too and it was her last year at school. But, they each thought something different, and they didn't know it would changer their lives forever. 





























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