A forbidden love? Should it be forbidden to love someone older than you? Is it forbidden to love your English teacher? What is Emma going to do when her life is turned upside down because of the person she loves?


3. Chapter Three

Emma's P.O.V

The entire time we were drinking our coffee, all i could think was how beautiful this guy in front of my eyes looked. How the sun hit him from behind giving him a god looking light on him. I swear i could have taken his clothes off right then and there. I don't know why but something about him always turned me on. I'm not this type of girl to be throwing herself on men but, he was just so gorgeous and that thing were he bites his lips when he's nervous is just so damn sexy. His voice! Cutest accent i have ever heard. A bit raspy but very sexy. I had forgotten that school started in 2 days and that i needed to go buy a new agenda book soon, since my old one was so obviously used. So i asked him if he wanted to go to Target with me really quick to go buy one and he agreed to go because he also needed to buy some materials. 

Zayn's P.O.V

While I was looking at her, all I could think was about the night in my car. She was beautiful. The sun hitting her face. making her glow. She was so beautiful that I just can't seem to stop calling her beautiful. Her smile made me smile. She had this amazing smile that could light up this whole coffee shop. The way she played with her while we were talking was so cute, She was cute! Then, she asked me if I wanted to join her at Target to buy an agenda. Of course i said yes, i wanted to spend every second with her. Plus, I needed to buy a stapler and stapler remover for my classroom since my first teaching job was starting on Monday at a high school


   We were walking down the target lanes just fooling around. Zayn stopped at the sunglasses little rack to try on some red heart-shaped sunglasses. I tried on the manliest sunglasses that I could find and we took a cute selfie. It seemed that when I was with him everything just felt, infinite. Zayn, " Hey, you're gorgeous you know that?" " Stop it! You're making me blush. Anyways, you're just saying that because you're being nice." He completely stopped walking and stood in front of me. Zayn, " Emma, you're the most gorgeous girl i have met, and I mean it. I just can't help myself but look at you and your gorgeous eyes that show your amazing personality! Wow, that just made me sound like a cheesy creep." We both started laughing, " Zayn, not at all. Thank you, that made me feel really great. But it's okay you're the most handsome cheesy creeper i know!" He smirked and playfully bumped me.Oh, that started the war between me and him at Target. I shoved him and I ran. He started running after me and I ran towards the toy section. I ran towards the Nerf Guns and I got one and hid. I heard foot steps and popped out and shot a complete stranger. Then i heard a laugh from behind me and turned to see him with the biggest smirk ever. " Don't mess with Master Zayn, if you ain't ready to feel the pain." And he shot me. " Fine, Master Zayn. You win this one but, only this one! We finally went to purchase our items. He walked me to my car. We stood there for like a minute just looking at each other and smiling. " I had a great time today Zayn." I did too, especially when I got to shoot you." "Oh stop it show off! Anyways, I have to get going now." I got in my car and he leaned in which i thought was for a but thank not it was for a kiss. When he kissed me it felt like a spark. It felt like nothing i have ever felt before. and the next thing just blurted out as a whisper that he heard. " I really like you Zayn." " I really like you too Emma." On the entire way home all i could think about was his kiss and the fact that he said he really liked me too!   


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